Create a Body Type Quiz Easily - with the AidaForm Template

“Free body type quiz” and “somatotype test” are extremely popular search terms on the internet. Place this test on your website, and people interested in sports, healthy lifestyle and fashion will find you easily.

We created this accurate, science-based somatotype quiz after researching dozens of body type theories. The test places a respondent in one of 3 body types: endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph. The result pages are editable (as well as the rest of the template), so you can decide what to show at the end: workout tips, “best wedding dress for your body type” recommendations or any other information related to your business or blog. We have listed more ideas further down the page.

Customize this ready-to-use quiz to complement your brand style and embed it on your website with a few simple steps!

How to Customize the Body Type Test Template

You don’t need to be an IT genius to use AidaForm’s quizzes. In fact, you won’t even use a single line of HTML! Following the steps below, you will master our friendly form builder in a matter of minutes:


Add the Template to Your Account

Click the Use This Template button, then log in or sign up for free if you’ve never used AidaForm before. The template will follow you and wait in the account for you. Please note that this body type quiz contains Expert elements. Contact us for a free two-week trial.


Customize the Content of the Test

The best feature of AidaForm is that you don’t create a quiz from scratch. All the logic and calculations are already done for you! Your next step is to check the logic we’ve used and replace questions according to your needs (or just use it as it is).


Design the Quiz Page

If the colors or images don’t fit, just change them! Check the Form Designer menu in the Builder and show off your artistic side. Create unique color schemes, combine buttons, forms and sizes, add icons, set up fonts and a background. For more pictures, use the Media File element and our legit Pixabay image search. Make yourself a lovely quiz page that looks like an innate part of your platform!


Publish the “What Is My Body Type” Quiz Online

Using Preview mode, test your quiz thoroughly. Go through the quiz as your clients will. Try several combinations of answers to make sure you get the right results each time. It’s ok if something goes wrong — making quizzes is tricky! Once it runs like a clock, go to the Publish tab. There, you’ll find the ways to share your quiz: as a direct link or embedded on a website.

3 Ways to Benefit From a Body Type Quiz

Show Off Your Expertise

Every tool that presents your proficiency scores you points. Boost the result texts by adding your professional opinion and pieces of advice. Thus, your clients and subscribers get something useful from you without having paid you yet. It increases the level of trust and customer’s confidence in your professional skills, which by itself can work as a good selling tool. ‘Cause going through such quizzes, people usually look for a pro opinion on their problem. And they will probably see you as this expert!

Understand Your Target Audience

It’s not only the people who answer the quiz that see the results. You can also see their answers and results, too! Imagine the amount of information you can extract. What is the most common problem your subscribers or community members have? Do they look for weight loss tips? Or do they want to gain weight instead? Do they eat healthily? Are they active or looking for some “mild options” for sports? Add more questions about their age, lifestyle, gender, etc. Such quizzes are a treasure trove full of answers!

Generate Leads

People will share a quiz with friends if they get practical results. First, enrich the results with additional content. For instance, if a person has a certain metabolic body type, he/she would be interested in diet plans, suitable workouts, daily tips, types of dresses/suits ideal for their shape, etc. The list of relevant content ideas is nearly infinite! The quiz continues collecting leads for you while you nourish people with useful content, emails and promotions. Thus, you pull them closer to your business, turning them into loyal customers.

Ideas For Body Type Quiz Variations

Male & Female Body Type Tests

The concept of this somatotype test works for both sexes, yet you can split it to male and female. It makes the quiz look professional and gives you more ways to operate results and leads.

A body type quiz for women may include these extra questions:

  • Does your body shape remind you of a pear, an hourglass, or a pencil?
  • Are your shoulders, compared to your hips, narrower, wider, or the same width?
  • Have you ever noticed cellulite, scragginess, or obvious, tough muscles?

Body type quiz for male may include:

  • Which of the following parts gain weight easily: arms, waist, or legs?
  • Are your forearms muscular, skinny, or a little bit fat?
  • For the “shoulders-hips” question, males may have different results from women. For him, wider shoulders are a sign of mesomorph, while for women, the same answer will point to the endomorph type.

Sport and Diet Recommendations

Instead of just letting people know their somatotype, show them the best type of workout or diet based on their answers.

  • “Sport for my body type”, “What workout fits me best?” are the good quiz titles if you specialize in fitness.
  • A quiz named “What diet is best for my body type” is a good marketing tool for food/wellness types of platforms. Think of a ready-to-use grocery list suitable for their shape. Or a teasing promo of a diet plan they will benefit from. You can even show a combination of your own products instead of the initial body type results.

Fashion Tests

  • “Prom dress for your body type”
  • “Best swimsuits for your body type”
  • “Jeans that flatter your body shape
  • “Right jewelry for your body type”

These are just a few ideas… The test will still indicate a respondent’s body type. The trick is in the variety of results! Substitute our result text with the list of fitted models from your product catalog. Complete the result page with images and direct links to the product so your customers can click and buy what the test advises.