BMI Calculator by AidaForm: Check Your Body Mass Index or Use This Ready-made Template on Your Own Website

What is the ideal weight for my height? The accurate Body Mass Index calculator by AidaForm answers this question in a second! People often ask this question out of curiosity, but BMI can also be used for health purposes: it helps diagnose and avoid serious risks like diabetes or heart issues.

If you run a sports, dieting, wellness, or other health-related business, you surely need this BMI calculator tool on your website or platform! Just copy embed code and then add the saved code of the BMI Calculator to your website. This realistic BMI calculator will be useful for your existing clients and will help attract new people to your community and your brand.

You can also customize this ready-made template following the guide below. Edit the result pages if you want to offer other unique tips, products and services in addition to the BMI calculation. With AidaForm’s drag and drop builder, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

How to Add the BMI Calculator to Your Website

AidaForm lets you use basic ready-made calculators free of charge. You don’t need to register an account with AidaForm: simply click Copy Embed Code and add the code to your webpage. Free calculators cannot collect leads and you will not be able to modify them either.

How to Create a Custom Body Mass Index Calculator

There is no need to spend hours reading “how to calculate your BMI” and “how to make a BMI calculator.” We have already put BMI calculator metrics into the test using AidaForm. Now, you can easily turn this template into your own best BMI calculator:


Click the Use This Template . The BMI template will be transferred to your AidaForm account, whether you log in or register for a new one.

*This BMI calculation example uses Expert features. Upgrade to the Expert plan before using it or contact us for a 14-days trial.


Open the Builder and explore the calculator’s inner workings. We have equipped it with two measurement systems: kg or lbs (inches and pounds). The test calculates a results with the help of our Formula element. Learn more about Formula element possibilities in our user guide .

This smart BMI calculator app shows results immediately in the form of a specific number. In the end, respondents compare their numbers with the BMI Results Table. You are free to attach a different chart depending on your goals.

Now go from the functionality to the design! The generic adult BMI calculator template has been created with neutral colors and fonts. Change it if you want in the Form Designer menu. You can choose a different font and background color.
Preview and test your BMI calculation formula. Here, you find out if it works well and shows the expected results. Now, you can put your BMI calculator online. Click the Publish tab, switch the slider and share your customized “Calculate My BMI” test. You can easily embed it onto a website, share it as a post or send it out to your whole email list!

Ideas To Customize the BMI Calculation Formula

BMI Calculator For Men

Originally, BMI was used to self-diagnose cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Since health risks increase at about the same BMI (above 25) for both sexes, there are no separate BMI formulas for males and females. The BMI method is gender-neutral and the BMI Table we use can be applied to both men and women 18 and older.

However, you can still turn this calculator into a BMI calculator for male. First, restyle the images and background, choose different fonts or other design elements. Secondly, add specific tips for men, male-oriented workout plans, healthy food lists, etc.

BMI Calculator For Women

If your major audience is ladies, turn the template into the Female BMI Calculator. Consider combining height and weight parameters with waist measurement. Health risks go up with increased waist size.

Add special diet and lifestyle tips for females, entertaining girly workouts, and other wellness content to make the results more useful for women.

BMI Calculator For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the time when women are extra attentive to their body condition and health. The healthy amount of weight a woman gains during pregnancy is based on her original body mass index. It’s a great idea to offer your audience a BMI calculator that includes a body weight range chart for the entire pregnancy period. Thus, you get an advanced test your clients will use more than once while they are waiting for the due date! :)

BMI Calculator For Kids

The Child BMI Calculator can work for kids up to 18 years old. You are going to need the BMI calculator with age and gender, and don’t forget to use the special girls’ and boys’ BMI charts for the results page.

This could be a great tool for regular screening to see if children are at risk of diabetes/cardiovascular diseases and parents need to change their family activities and food habits.

How the BMI Calculator Can Be Used to Grow Your Business

Create a Free BMI Calculator for Your Website

Just embed this AidaForm template onto your website. It will serve as an entertaining and useful tool for your visitors and potential customers. If visitors to the web page use your calculator, you will improve important indicators for SEO like abandonment rate and time spent on the site.

BMI Calculator with Tips in an Email Campaign

If you launch email follow-up campaigns, you know some of the emails sink into spam folders. But people tend to recognize your emails as “not spam” if they are not just promos and offers. An informative BMI tool with professional tips will catch peoples’ attention and increase trust in you as an expert.

Recommend Products and Services

AidaForm software allows you to customize the BMI Calculator content as well as the result pages. Don’t leave people with just a plain BMI number. You can enrich the result pages with your product links. It will guide visitors directly to your catalog. Catch visitors’ attention and offer them ready-to-use solutions, packages and product kits!