Basic Rental Application Form Template by AidaForm

AidaForm’s online rental application form template is going to help you find a tenant who won’t turn your house into a hot mess – without tedious background checks and needless paperwork.

This simple rental application form lets you collect all the important information about prospective tenants in one convenient place. You can customize the form by adding fields for the info you care about most, and even collect e-signatures. Want to make the online rental application form look and feel fabulous, too? Choose from a variety of pre-designed themes and add your own logo and background image to make it pop!

What’s more, providing a positive application experience from the start will make your renters feel like they’re already home. Get started with AidaForm today and make online rental applications a breeze!

Common Questions About Rental Application Forms

What is a Rental Application Form?

A rental application form is a document owners, managers and landlords use to collect information from prospective tenants who are looking for a property to rent. Application forms are a way to get to know your future roomies before you invite them to move in.

It’s a common practice to use simple rental application forms when you’re leasing a flat or a house, but you can use this type of application for all kinds of residential rental properties, like rooms in boarding houses, bungalows or vacation homes. It’s a helpful tool to screen potential tenants and decide who to rent property to.

What Elements Should a Rental Application Form Include?

An online rental application form typically includes information about the prospective tenant, such as their name, address, phone number and email. It also makes sense to ask applicants to provide their social security number, driver’s license number and employment information. Additionally, a basic rental application form may ask for information about the tenant’s pets, smoking habits and any criminal background. Overall, a rental application form should gather enough information to help the owner of the property make an informed decision about the tenant’s reliability.

Can I Create a Free Rental Application Form with AidaForm?

You can create a basic rental application form with as many questions as you need for free with AidaForm. But keep in mind that the Free plan has a limit of up to 100 responses per month. If you’re not managing multiple units in several apartment blocks at once, it may well be enough.

However, if you expect a flood of online rental applications in the near future or if you require an electronic signature field, consider upgrading to our paid Expert and Ultimate plans. With these plans, you’ll significantly expand your monthly response limit and also be able to customize your form’s “Thank You” page, send completed forms to applicants automatically and enjoy other added benefits.

While our standard rental application form is designed to be customizable and user-friendly, it’s important to note that the creator of the form is responsible for ensuring that the contents of the form are legal and comply with local, state and federal laws. The service provider doesn’t hold any liability for the contents of the forms users create. If you’re not sure whether the form you’re creating is legal, we recommend seeking legal advice to ensure compliance.

Depending on your location, data protection laws may also vary, especially when it comes to collecting and storing sensitive information. AidaForm takes data protection very seriously and while we take state-of-the-art measures to protect the data stored on our servers, you should also make sure that your rental application form complies with your local data protection laws before you publish it.

Can I Edit This Rental Application Form Template?

Absolutely! This template AidaForm provides here is just an example of an editable rental application template that you can customize and tweak to your needs. Just add the basic form sample to your AidaForm account and start working in a fully visual and intuitive form editor. You can add or remove fields, change the wording, and even add your logo or branding. Just access the form builder to make any changes you like.

Can I Print Applications and Save Them on My Computer?

Yes and yes! Our rental application form lets you print applications and save them as PDFs on your computer. Open the Results tab on the Form page in your AidaForm account and check the Response Inbox there. From there, you can easily access all completed rental applications whenever you need.