Create a Basic Job Application Form Template with AidaForm

Are you tired of sifting through stacks of paper job applications and playing phone tag with potential hires? Well, fear not! A visual form-building service like AidaForm can make your hiring process a breeze with basic work application forms. With our drag-and-drop interface, you can create a basic job application form in minutes. Plus, our templates are mobile-friendly, so candidates can apply on the go.

This basic job application form template includes all the essential questions you’d expect, and a standardized form means you’ll get all the info you need from each applicant, making it easier to compare and evaluate candidates. Prefer something shorter? Then use this quick job application template that only collects contact info and CVs.

Say goodbye to the headache of manual hiring processes and say hello to AidaForm’s basic application for employment – online.

How to Use AidaForm’s Basic Employment Application Template


Add the Template

Start with a little help from your pre-made friends. Click the Use This Template button to add the basic job application template to your AidaForm account. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll be offered the ability to create one after clicking the Use This Template button. Fear not, account creation only takes a few minutes. The template will appear in your newly created account right away.


Make It Your Own

Customize the basic employment application form template by editing and rearranging fields. Drag-and-drop extra question fields if needed. You can even add video questions or response options to make the basic work application form interactive. To make your form even easier to fill out, switch on the Voice-to-Text option for the Long Text field: instead of typing, applicants will be able to dictate their answers.


Style Your Form to Impress

Make your basic employee application template look as good as it works: personalize the design to match your company branding. Choose a ready-made template or adjust colors, fonts and the overall design. Your form will be looking sharp!


Put Your Form Out There

Now that you’ve created your perfect job application form, it’s time to let the world see it! Head over to the Publish section to make your form accessible online. Publish your form on multiple platforms, such as social media, your company website or even via email. Don’t forget to set up your email notifications in the Set Up section so you’ll never miss a response. And why not show some love to your applicants with a polite confirmation email using our Notification Reply-To feature? It’s a great way to make a positive impression on potential new hires.


Manage Responses

Stay on top of your responses and keep them organized. With AidaForm, you can view form stats on a dashboard, store your responses safely and even export them as PDFs. You’ll be a form-creating genius in no time!

Streamline your hiring process with AidaForm’s basic employment application form and make life easier for everyone involved.

What Makes AidaForm Perfect for Job Applications


Keep those pesky bots at bay! A Captcha prevents spammy fake responses, so you can focus on real candidates.

Video and Audio Fields

Hear from your applicants loud and clear! With the video and audio fields, you can collect responses in a variety of formats.

File Upload

No more lost resumes! Collect CVs with ease using AidaForm’s file upload feature.

Conversational or Traditional

Choose your own adventure! Whether you prefer a classic form or a conversational flow, AidaForm’s got you covered.

Free Plan

Create a free basic job application form! If you don’t need file upload and are fine with up to 100 responses a month, AidaForm is perfect.


Keep your applicant data secure with state-of-the-art encryption and avoid legal issues with data processing consent checkboxes.