Basic Job Application Form

Finding and hiring the right people is key to your business success. Simplify the search and selection of prospective employees by using our basic job application template. It will help you find the right candidates for open positions in your company and make the recruiters’ job easier!

Use AidaForm sample to create a specific job application form for your company. The template is fully customizable so you can add extra questions related to the position or work environment, like specific skills, availability for shift work, salary expectations, etc.

How to Use and Customize the Basic Employment Application Template

Don’t start with a blank form, use the ready-made AidaForm simple job application template and save your time! Click the Use This Template button to add the basic employment application template to your AidaForm account. The template will appear on your account automatically and open for editing immediately if you have already logged in. If you do not have an AidaForm account yet, go through a quick registration and then add the template.
In the template editing area, you can rearrange the fields, change their names and edit settings. Add new fields by drag-and-dropping them to the template if you want to add extra questions. You can also customize the fonts and overall design theme of this simple job application form to comply with your company brand guidelines. In addition, make the simple job application interactive by adding video questions or video responses and enable Voice-to-Text for Long Text fields so that applicants can fill them out by speaking instead of typing.
Once you have finished setting up the template, go to the Publish section to make the form available online. Also, set up email addresses in the Set Up section to receive notifications about the responses to your basic employment form. Use the Notification Reply-To feature to confirm each application by email and thank the applicant for submitting the form. It’s polite to let people know that you have received their application. Plus, it’s a healthy PR practice for your company.

3 Reasons to Use a Simple Job Application Process Online

Make the hiring process at your company clear and consistent. Job applications are crucial when hiring to standardize and automate the process. Below are just a few reasons why you should use a simple job application form.

Even a simple job application form lets you process applicants’ information faster

Even though the information people provide on a resume is generally the same – education, work experience, skills, and such – you won’t find two CVs that look the same. Because of that, applications take longer to read through and comparing candidates may become an issue.

If you want to easily process and compare responses to a job offer, use a basic employment form. Even basic job application forms provide a uniform format for everyone who applies. Unlike with resumes, each candidate answers the same questions and the information is organized similarly for everyone. Giving the same simple job application form to all candidates makes the selection process fair and lets you easily compare applicants side by side.

The basic employment application lets you focus on the facts

When composing resumes freeform, people might exaggerate the truth or brush over something important. Some information in the candidates' CVs is just their own opinion. For example, they may write that they are responsible, efficient, and proactive. However, such statements are not necessarily based on the person’s actual merit or company-regulated grades. On the other hand, basic job application forms are designed to focus on specific facts like work history, education, and successful projects. This means that the simple job application form reduces the subjectivity when it comes to selecting the right people for the job.

Checking the accuracy of the provided information is easier with a basic job application form

If you want applicants to confirm that they provided accurate information about themselves and want them to leave contact details of previous employers, then it’s better to use the basic employment form. That way, you can check the candidate’s employment history to verify their qualifications. On the basic job application form, you have the right to require the candidate’s signature to confirm that everything they have written is true. The candidate will likely be more motivated to give you accurate and honest information about their professional experience.

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