Bakery Order Form Template

This high-converting bakery order form template will work great both for a modern bakery shop and for a small home bakery. The template utilizes AidaForm Expert functionality and allows you to make the most of your online bakery order process:

  • Your customers can choose the desired number of products and the preferred delivery method;

  • Your clients will be transferred to customized form pages based on the chosen delivery method to enter their contact information - this makes the customer satisfaction and the form completion rate much higher;

  • You can customize your ‘Thank you’ page and collect your clients’ feedback or conduct a product range survey.

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Please note: The sample bakery order form below is a template that lets people place orders without paying in advance. If you need a bakery order form where people can pay for their order immediately, then choose a template with the desired payment method below (PayPal or Stripe), and click the link below to add the chosen form to your AidaForm account:
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How to Customize AidaForm Bakery Order Form Template

To use the bakery order form template, you should create an AidaForm account. If you already have one, just sign in. If you don’t already have an account, please go through the quick registration process. After that, click the Use This Template button: the bakery order form will appear in your account and will be immediately available for editing.
In the form editor, use the Form Elements panel on the left to add new fields to the bakery order form template. In the workspace, you can easily move fields, change their sequence, open the settings of each field and adjust parameters, rewrite questions, and enter the contact information of your bakery. In the Form Designer panel on the right, customize the look of your form: adjust the color scheme, fonts, form scale, icons or no icons for the questions – set up these and other options as you wish!
After you’ve finished customizing the bakery order form template, go through the Set Up and Publish sections. In the Set Up section, you can tweak notification settings for incoming online bakery orders – enable this option and specify an email or several emails where you want to receive notifications. You can also use the Notification Reply-To option to send your customers an order confirmation message. In the Publish section, you need to make your form available online by moving the Form status toggle to the On position. And that’s it, your form is ready to accept orders! Put a link to it on the website of your bakery, in your social network group, your Instagram profile, and all that’s left to do is take orders and bake the goods!

Benefits of Using Online Bakery Orders

Running your own bakery is challenging – and also fun. Master new technologies to deliver the best customer experience as the star baker you aspire to be. Take orders from the web through online bakery order forms and get ahead of the competition. They help bakery shop workers receive online bakery orders from customers and optimize their work process.

Creating a stylish bakery order form that’s easy to fill out online will make your bakery shop look and feel much more professional. Create online forms to provide outstanding customer service that today’s customers demand. People will definitely notice that and come to you again and again!
Taking online bakery orders saves you tons of time. Let’s say you have a client who wants to organize an entire coffee break for their team meeting. If they can place that order online instead of calling your place, your staff won’t have to process everything manually and get distracted from serving customers at the bakery. And that doubles the effectiveness of your business!
The online bakery order form helps to avoid misunderstandings in the ordering process: you definitely won’t mishear the number of croissants your customer wants or confuse street names for delivery. Fewer mistakes mean happier customers and staff.