Audio Survey Template to Collect Audio Answers and Testimonials

An audio form lets respondents answer questions by recording their voice in real-time rather than typing text. Audio surveys may also (but not necessarily) play audio files asking questions. Compared to the traditional text answers, audio responses to survey questions are an effective way to collect detailed information and emotional attitude. And the cherry on top is an improved survey completion rate!

The AidaForm audio survey tool helps you create a survey with as many audio answer fields as you need free of charge. AidaForm audio surveys look and work great on all popular desktop and mobile devices and can be easily customized to meet your company’s brand style.

Add the template to your AidaForm account to use it as an example or start creating your audio form from ground by adding a Media Answer field to your form. Specify if the answer to the question is required or optional and set the maximal length of the recorded audio answer. To eliminate any doubts, you can provide your respondents with a choice as to how they answer: using voice or text.

Audio Forms by AidaForm: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer my respondents a choice of how to answer: with a voice message or text?

Yes. The Media Answer field in AidaForm has flexible settings allowing you to specify which options you would like to offer: audio answers, text or even video feedback .

Is there a limit on Media Answer fields per form in AidaForm?

Not actually. Just make sure your respondents are not bored with too many questions.

Can I add audio questions to my survey forms?

Yes, you can. Add a Media File field on your form, choose the Audio option from the Type drop-down menu and record your questions right inside the AidaForm Builder section or upload a prepared file.

Can I use traditional rating and multiple-choice fields on my audio forms?

Yes. You can use any combination of survey fields that you have in mind. Would you like to collect audio testimonials and publish them on your blog, social media profiles or website? Then do not forget to ask for your customers' permission by using a special consent checkbox on your survey form.

Is AidaForm safe? Where are collected audio answers stored?

Safety and data protection is one of the major focuses in AidaForm. All recorded files are transferred via protected channels and safely stored in your AidaForm account. Only users with access to your AidaForm account can play the files.