AidaForm’s Top Features: Why Use Our Online Application Forms


By adding Captcha to any basic application form you can make sure you receive only real applications. No inbox full of spam!

File Upload

Use the File Upload feature to collect all kinds of files: resumes, application letters, portfolios etc. Please note: the File Upload field is a feature of Expert and Ultimate accounts.

Media Answer

Let people answer your questions by recording video or audio. Media Answer is an innovation by AidaForm that makes the application process more fun and personal!

Easy Guide: What Do I Do Once I Have Found the Application Template That Fits?

Have you found an application form example you like? Here is a short list of step-by-step instructions on what to do next. You’ll be fine, even if you’ve never made a form before!

Once you’ve picked a template, click the green Use Template button.
If you’ve been redirected to the registration page, then you don’t have an AidaForm account yet. No problem! Create an account and activate it - it won’t take long.
Go to your account and you will see that the chosen template is already in the My Forms list.

Click on the form name and it will open in the Builder. Here you have plenty of options for customisation:

  • Add, change, remove the fields of the application form template as required.
  • Add a logo or photo. Change the form colours in the Form Designer menu.
  • Change the default font and make your form perfectly fit the design of the website.
Click the Preview button to view and test the resulting application form.

Is your form ready to go online? Go to the Publish tab and move the toggle to the On position. You have two options to share the form:

  • Copy the direct link to the form page; or
  • Use HTML code to embed a form on your website.
Here it is! As you can see, creating a simple application form in the AidaForm service is a matter of a few clicks.

AidaForm Tips: Five Features of an Effective Application Form


Okay, you could say that this is obvious. But is it really so easy to make your form minimalistic? Here is our practical piece of advice: critically examine each question, field and even word on your form and ask yourself: can I remove this painlessly? If the answer is ‘Yes’ you know what to do! :)

Brand matching

The fact is that candidates are not the only ones trying to impress you - it’s actually a two-way process. Your online application form should look neat, solid and fit the organisation’s branding. Do not forget about such basic elements as appropriate colours and fonts, logos, links to the homepages, etc.

Optimised for mobiles

More than 90% of Internet searches now come from mobile devices. Review and test your form on your mobile and make sure it’s easy to fill in. If users can submit an application right away, there’s less chance that they’ll postpone filling out the form and it getting lost.


By definition, the application process is long and boring. But you can change this and stand out from the rest! Make your form interesting to fill in:

  • Use more pictures, videos and audio instead of plain text. Our Media File, Media Answer, Picture Choice, and Cards fields will help you with this.
  • Build your form as a live dialogue: try the step-by-step Conversational UI where each new question appears on a separate page.
  • Ask the candidates original questions that you would ask if you spoke in person. Do not limit yourself to a set of standard fields that are present in each application form.


The process of completing the form should be as clear and controlled as possible. Here is information that is worth providing to respondents to make them feel comfortable:

  • At the beginning, let them know how long it will take to complete the application.
  • Add question or page numbering to the application template, as well as information about how many questions are left.
  • After submission, it is considered good practice to thank the applicant and also to inform them about any further steps involved in the processing of the application. Check out our ‘Thank You’ Page Templates .
Well, now you have everything to hand: ready-made application form templates, a simple, free editing tool and our basic tips to avoid mistakes. We wish you luck! A properly composed application form is the first step in finding promising candidates!