What Anime Character are You? Create an Anime Quiz with AidaForm!

Personality tests are not all about extraversion and intuitiveness. Matching movie characters, animals, cocktails, or places to personality has been people’s favorite pastime since the invention of internet quiz mechanics, and Buzzfeed capitalizes on that all the time. Catch that Buzzfeed vibe and create your own anime character quiz in AidaForm. Entertaining your audience helps you grow your community, sell ad spaces and merch – and making an anime personality quiz is a great way to entertain people.

You might have taken anime personality tests before, but how do you make them? AidaForm helps you with the tech so you can bring out the otaku in you and compose any anime-type quiz in minutes using our template.

The illustrations for this quiz template have been commissioned from Anislayerart.

How to Make an Anime Personality Quiz in AidaForm

All you need to create your own anime character quiz is your anime trivia knowledge and the basic understanding of quiz mechanics. AidaForm will take care of the tech for you – so you can concentrate on figuring out which anime character to feature and which questions to ask. Here’s how to create an anime quiz in four easy steps:


Import the Anime Quiz Template

Click Use This Template to copy our anime test template to your account in AidaForm. Log in when prompted or register an AidaForm account for free if you don’t have one yet. The sample quiz with anime personality questions will appear in your form list when you’re done.


Insert Your Anime Quiz Questions and Edit Quiz Logic

See how our template quiz is composed to learn the ropes and insert your own quiz questions and answer options. You can study the quiz mechanic with our example instead of trying to build a quiz from scratch. Adjust the quiz logic to fit your answers using the Page Break + Logic Jump functions. Please note that these are only available in AidaForm Expert or AidaForm Ultimate. You won’t be able to create an anime personality quiz without using logic jumps. You can still test the template for free before you opt in for any paid plans. Read more about using Jumps in AidaForm .


Use Pictures (But Mind Copyrights)

Anime is a visual medium, so insert those visuals when you can: add illustrations to text questions using the Media File option or add Picture Choice questions for more excitement. Don’t forget to add those anime girl portraits to results pages if you want to get shares. To find generic images, AidaForm has a convenient Pixabay image search. However, when it comes to anime, you’ll be dealing with lots of intellectual properties so you have to make sure you have the right to use the images. Since quizzes are meant for entertainment, most of the screenshots and memes may qualify as fair use. For artists’ works, you usually have to ask for permission. Anyways, better safe than sorry :)


Get that Anime Quiz Online

Click Preview to test your quiz before publishing: quiz logic gets confusing at times, so you need to click through the form and make sure the quiz works the way you want it to. Have you got the correct results each time? Was the page sequence right? Were you able to get all the results? If everything worked 100% correct at your first attempt, your kung fu is stronger than ours :’) Go to the Publish tab and share your anime quiz online with everyone. Use the embed code on your website or simply copy the link to your anime character quiz and post it on forums, Reddit, or social networks.

3 Reasons to Create Your Own Anime Character Quiz

Fun and Memes

You dig the anime culture and want to share it with others so create a quiz game with anime characters to match the personalities of quiz takers. You get attention, a few giggles here and there, and also get to know other people who dig. What anime character am I? Was that a JoJo reference? Is Aqua absolutely useless? Are your quiz takers real men of culture? A personality test with anime characters can be fun to create and take – it can bring your anime community closer together. Also, cause flame wars in the comment section (but who cares).

Lead Generation

If you’re running an anime merch store, a manga or cosplay shop, chances are, your target audience will be hyped to learn who their inner anime girl is. You can use that to collect their contacts for marketing and get people excited about your offerings. Crafting a “what type of anime character are you” quiz and gathering emails while you’re at it looks like a great idea. You can even suggest that people get that Naruto figurine or Demon Slayer cosplay costume at the results page and link to your online store. However, don’t overdo it: no one likes pushy marketing. Offering something for free in exchange for the contacts is a time-tested strategy: throw in a free manga chapter, a gift voucher, or anything else that will make people want to return to your store.

Audience Engagement

Social media is where all the fun stuff happens these days, and a well-designed anime character quiz can definitely help to draw attention to your project or platform. Lead your target audience to your website or even go viral with meme-packed results pages that people will want to post on social networks. People love taking personality quizzes and sharing the results online, so grab your piece of that pie and design your anime character quiz with viral results. Have fun with it and entertain people at the same time!

How to Design an Engaging Anime Quiz

Decide on a Theme

Once you’ve decided you want to make an engaging “which anime character are you” quiz, narrow down your choice of characters. There are gazillions of anime titles out there, so it’ll be easier for you if you select anime characters based on a theme: mahou shoujo, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, One Piece series, or even just the titles of Kyoto Animation or Studio Trigger. Let your visitors discover something new about themselves and anime titles. This is the part where you can get creative and find something that will set your quiz apart from dozens of other character anime quiz options.

Choose the Characters

It’s a lot like writing a murder mystery: you start with the answers and spin it from there. Write up a list of characters you want to appear in the answers and make notes on their personalities: are they yandere, tsundere, or not-dere at all, what are their favorite food and catchphrases? Are these characters friendly and outgoing or reserved and contemplative? How do they react to other people and different circumstances? Doing this in advance will help you think of fun matching answer options for the questions you compose.

Compose Questions and Match Answer Options

Since it’s a personality quiz after all, it might help to review some actual psychological personality tests to get question ideas. Then you can humorously reimagine standard questions to fit your purpose. Since we’re having fun matching people to anime characters, don’t forget to ask about favorite foods or colors, too. Then think, what answers would the anime characters give. You can leave little geek hints so quiz takers recognize the anime characters, or be enigmatic to make the outcome a more of a surprise.

Ideas for Anime Quiz Questions

Ask quiz takers about anything personality-related: likes and dislikes, behavior patterns in different situations, their attitudes to other people, and moral convictions. You can treat the whole thing like a pseudo-psychological test or have fun right off the bat with quirky answer options.

Sample Questions

What’s your favorite food?

  • Coke and chips
  • Ramen
  • Cherries (rero-rero)
  • Apples

What do you usually do for fun?

  • Exorcise ghosts
  • Steal panties
  • Play games at an arcade store
  • What is fun? I am always dead serious

How do you make decisions?

  • Instantly and without any reservations
  • I tend to ponder my options and weight pros and cons
  • I always hesitate and delay my decision
  • I ask for advice of others

Where would you live if you could choose to live anywhere?

  • Tokyo, it’s the only city that actually exists
  • Paris – to live in a mansion with maids and drink tea from the finest porcelain cups
  • I wouldn’t live in a city at all, I prefer surviving in the wild
  • Los Angeles, baby, – it’s the best place for a luxurious life and ingenious heists