360-Degree Feedback Template

The genius idea of a 360-degree employee evaluation is to review the targeted person’s performance from every aspect. The method provides a sufficient amount of data from the employee’s managers, supervisors, peers, and subordinates.

For AidaForm’s 360-degree appraisal form template, we combined open-ended questions with interactive matrices and scales to cover essential performance aspects: leadership exhibition, interpersonal skills, problem-solving and overall efficiency. Customize and add more specific questions to turn it into your holistic online 360-degree appraisal form!

Guide to Activate This 360° Survey

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360-Degree Feedback Questions and Tips

360-Degree Feedback is Always Confidential

Basically, what is 360-degree feedback? A cluster of co-workers’ honest opinions on an evaluated employee. To let people share their independent views, keep the survey anonymous. The only thing you need to know is the appraiser’s position regarding the person assessed. This is why your very first question will be:

  • Whom are you assessing?
  • What working relationship do you have with your colleague?

Involve Just Direct Co-Workers

The 360-degree assessment method implies surveying of the closest co-workers, who communicate directly on a daily basis. There is no sense in asking, let’s say, a manager who works remotely, away from the team, and communicates with them barely once a week by phone. This person is not able to give a precise review of a targeted employee’s interpersonal or leadership skills, which are essential angles of 360-degree feedback.

Turn the 360-Degree Result Into a Development Plan

The 360-degree appraisal form is never a motive for criticism or for collecting compromising material. A receiver should see the results in the form of a well-structured follow-up plan for training and professional development. HR, or a performance evaluation specialist, analyzes and comes up with a precise review of the receiver’s work behavior and competency. Within one-on-one conversation, the HR-manager explains the main directions for professional growth based on the results.

Include Specific Ques

The goal of our 360-degree feedback sample questions is not just to evaluate all aspects of competency but also to let people express their personal experience of working with a colleague. These questions will give a more individual look:

  • How comfortable do you feel working with your colleague?
  • How exactly does your colleague affect your work?
  • Do you find him/her supportive and understanding?
  • Do you trust your colleague’s opinions and decisions?
  • Would you recommend him/her as a good worker?
  • Can you say he/she always behaves professionally?
  • Do you feel he/she treats you with respect?

Break the Survey into Convenient Blocks

This tip is not for applicants but more for convenient and efficient HR operating. Dedicate each survey’s block to a certain feature or competency to facilitate the analyzing process. Keep related ques together and combine all the same-type fields into matrices to make the survey concise.

Self-Evaluation Might Be a Part of 360-Degree Feedback

Here, you can kill two birds with one stone. Let employees assess their own performance within the same 360-degree feedback questionnaire. This self-evaluation section will perfectly complete the 360-degree feedback mission. Where does an employee see further opportunities to improve? Self-review gives a wider coverage result.

Add More Appraisers

The method exists not just for managers, colleagues, and subordinates. Go beyond the company walls and extend this 360-degree feedback template to 540-degree feedback! Engage clients, suppliers, and vendors as appraisers. If the targeted person interacts with third-parties (as a sales manager, representative, delivery executer, etc.), he/she might be evaluated from this angle as well.