Three-Steps Guide to Use Any Form Example

Choose the forms and build them into your HR management process with three simple steps.
To not start with a blank form template, pick one of the AidaForm samples and hit the Use Template button. This simple click will transfer the template to your AidaForm account. It’s necessary to have an account for your convenience. There, you get full access to our editing tools, storage, stats, and services. Take a minute to go through the registration process and move to the next step!
After the template has automatically deployed in the middle of the page, start exploring the Builder. It’s a two-section toolkit staffed with everything you need and more. Drag-and-drop new elements to the form by opening up the Form Elements tab. Use the Form Designer to give your form a unique appearance and reflect your brand style.
The Preview button will give you a good overview of the result. Check it before you Publish it. The Publish tab doesn’t just make the form accessible for your audience, but also provides you with necessary links and a piece of code to embed in the form. Have a glance at the Set Up tab to set notifications and emails, and that’s it! You are ready to get the first responses.

What Makes AidaForm Templates So Special?

Engaging Sliders and Scales

AidaForm offers you an amazing choice of survey fields. Choosing from various shapes of sliders and ratings and combining similar questions into handy matrices, you make any survey entertaining, cut the time spent answering, and encourage your applicants to finish the survey!

In-Built Order Cart and Payment Fields

You can literally create an online store to sell whatever you want! Drag-and-drop Order Cart and Checkout fields into any of AidaForm’s business form templates. Add a PayPal or Stripe field and start collecting payments. No coding skills are necessary, just connect your PayPal/Stripe account using our plain and simple service.

Special Quizzing Fields

Want to create captivating quizzes or test your applicants? Make it easier with AidaForm’s special elements invented for quiz-style forms. Set up questions and options to answer, calculate scores, and display results automatically. We have thought it through for you!

Conversational UI

Switch between Traditional UI and “one question per page mode”. We call it Conversational UI since it feels like you are engaging in a friendly conversation with a respondent, asking one question at a time and making the whole process interesting and intriguing. Give it a try!

Simple Customization

Change the form appearance completely to match your brand style. A whole design toolkit at your disposal! Color schemes, icons and button styles, fonts, and ribbons. Create your own custom form sample, copy the design, and use it for all your future surveys and forms.

Audio/Video Answers

You got it right! Within AidaForm, your applicants can answer with video, audio, screencast, or text. This feature has been implemented in the form of a question field that you just add to your form. We are really proud of this one because it’s one-of-a-kind, no competitors here.

Handy Results Compartment

AidaForm provides you with all the necessities to store and analyze results in a convenient way. The Completion Stats tab is equipped with charts and Top Devices data (check what device your applicants use the most). Response Summary shows you detailed data selected by fields. And of course, we assign to you the Response Inbox that serves you as trusty storage.

SEO, Third Party Integrations and Others

Explore the numerous setups for SEO, email notifications, third party integrations, and small traits like auto-scroll or key bindings. All of them are conveniently gathered within the Set Up tab. The third party integrations are emphasized as the amazing possibility to connect your forms with Google Sheets, Facebook, Slack, and the list is growing!

FAQs About AidaForm’s Standard Form Examples

Should I use HTML or other coding?

We created AidaForm templates free from HTML or any other coding implications. To customize a form, we supply you with a smooth and easy-to-use form builder. To share a form, use automatically generated links. There is no step where you need any coding skills!

Can I embed a form in my website?

Sure. In addition to links, you will find a piece of code that you simply embed into the page of a WordPress, Wix, or any other platform website. The code will be available once you publish the form.

Is it possible to export the data?

There are two easy ways to export your data from the AidaForm service. You can either export results as an Excel file with one click, or sync your forms with Google Sheets to export the data automatically. Google Sheets export is among other AidaForm third party integrations.

How can I make my forms GDPR and DPL-Compliant?

To take this load off your mind, we have made all the AidaForm simple web form templates GDPR and DPL-compliant by default. The most common security standards set by the data laws are already incorporated. There is nothing more for you to do but add the Terms and Conditions checkbox to let your applicants leave their permissions.

Can I collect files through the form?

Not only can you get audio or video answers from your respondents, you can also ask them to upload a variety of files: personal photos, document screenshots, signed papers, etc. Drag-and-drop the File Upload field to the form, type in your title and collect files in the AidaForm responses storage or by email.

Is it protected from spam?

Yes, and that’s what our AidaForm’s Captcha field is meant for. Captcha is a proactive defense to sieve away those bots and spammers. It leaves just real customers and attendees for you. Compliment any of the form design examples with this Captcha field with a click.

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