Form Templates Gallery by AidaForm

Use AidaForm’s ready-made form templates to create your own order and registration forms, HR questionnaires, satisfaction surveys, application forms, quizzes, and more! AidaForm features more than 100 web form examples that you can customize for your needs!

All AidaForm form templates are mobile-optimized and can be customized without any knowledge of HTML. Add the template to your AidaForm account and create your own online form for free right away!

Get feedback about your products and customer service
A form with lots of relevant questions and CV upload
An English grammar test with answers at the end
You’ll need to check the answers manually
Conversational quiz with answers and explanations
With a formula that calculates the cost of the service
Multiple order carts and payment methods
With cost calculator for the t-shirt, print and delivery
Simple form without calculations and payment collection
Quiz template with a countdown timer
Interactive test for vocabulary check
Collect submissions and reveal answers at the end
Collect submissions and check the answers manually

Three-Step Guide to Using Any Form Example

Pick one of the AidaForm samples and click the Use Template button. The template you’ve selected will be added to your AidaForm account and you won’t have to create your form with a blank form template. If you don’t have an account with AidaForm yet, take a minute to go through the free registration process and move to the next step! Your account will provide full access to all your forms, form responses, settings and statistics.
After the template is successfully added to your AidaForm account, you can edit it in the Builder window. Drag-and-drop new elements to your form, edit text, and upload images and videos. Use the Form Designer tab to give your form a unique appearance to reflect your brand style.
Set up your form to get notification about new responses to the desired email address. Decide whether you would like to activate the Save and Continue functionality for your form, and customize your form’s URL. Use the Preview button to preview and test your form and Publish your form online when you are satisfied with the result.
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What Makes AidaForm Templates Special?

Engaging Sliders and Scales

AidaForm offers you an amazing choice of survey fields. Make your survey entertaining by using different slider shapes and rating fields. Cut down on the time spent answering your questionnaire by combining similar questions into handy matrices. Be creative — your respondents will surely appreciate it!

Built-in Order Cart and Payment Fields

Are you looking to create a simple online shop or an order form? Drag and drop Order Cart and Checkout fields into any of AidaForm’s business form templates. Set up integration with your PayPal or Stripe account and start collecting payments. No coding skills are required, you will start selling online right away.

Captivating Quizzes Made Easily

AidaForm makes it easy to create lead generation quizzes or tests for your applicants. Set up multiple-choice, picture choice and scale questions, calculate scores, and display results on a customized Thank You page after the submission is made!

Conversational UI

Switch between Traditional UI and “one question per page mode.” We call it Conversational UI since it feels like you are engaging in a friendly conversation with a respondent, asking one question at a time and making the whole process interesting and intriguing. Give it a try!

Custom Form Design

Change your form’s look and feel to match your brand style. A whole design toolkit is at your disposal: set up your own color schemes, use a picture as a background, and customize icons, fonts and button styles. Save your own custom form sample to make a copy and use it for all your future surveys and forms.

Audio/Video Answers

You got it right! AidaForm makes it possible for your respondents to answer with video, audio or screencasts. Drag-and-drop the Media Answer field to your form to enhance your respondents’ experience and stand out! In order to preview your audio and video answers flawlessly, we recommend you download and install the free VLC Media Player application, which supports most media formats and codecs.

Handy Results Section

AidaForm provides you with all the necessities to store and analyze results. The Response Inbox section serves you as trusty storage space for all the responses you receive. The Completion Stats tab is equipped with charts and Top Devices statistics (check what device your applicants use the most). The Response Summary section shows you detailed data grouped by field.

SEO, Third Party Integrations and Others

Explore numerous setups for SEO, email notifications, customer auto-replies, and handy features like auto-scroll or key bindings. Visit the Set Up tab to fine tune your form and to connect your forms to third party services like Google Sheets, Slack, or Zapier.

FAQs About AidaForm’s Standard Form Examples

Do I have to use HTML or other coding?

AidaForm is a “no-code” solution! This means that there is no step in the form creation process that requires coding skills! You can edit templates and customize your form’s design in the intuitive, easy-to-use form builder. To make your form available online, AidaForm provides you with an automatically generated URL.

Can I embed a form on my website?

Yes, you can! In addition to the form URL, AidaForm generates several lines of code that you can copy and paste onto your webpage to embed your form on a website created on WordPress, Wix, or any other platform.

Is it possible to export my response data?

There are two easy ways to export your data from the AidaForm service. You can either export results as an Excel/CSV file or connect your form to Google Sheets to automatically send all new response data to your Google account. You will find the Google Sheets integration in the Set Up -> 3rd Party Integration section.

How can I make my forms GDPR and DPL-Compliant?

Security and data protection is one of AidaForm’s priorities! AidaForm employs the latest technologies and encryption standards to make our service and forms GDPR and DPL-compliant. As a form and data owner, though, you need to fully inform your respondents about how you use and protect collected information. Add the Terms and Conditions checkbox to all your forms, even to simple web form templates you use, and let your applicants read and accept your agreement.

Can I collect files through the form?

Yes, you can! Not only can you get audio or video answers from your respondents, but you can also ask them to upload files in formats: personal photos, document screenshots, signed PDFs, etc. Drag and drop the File Upload field to the form and collect files in the AidaForm responses storage or by email.

Is it protected from spam?

Yes, and that’s what the Captcha field is for. Captcha is a proactive defense to sieve away bots and spammers. Add the Captcha field to any of the form design examples with just one click of the mouse.