How to Create an Online Signup Form

There is no need to explain what an email signup form is – you have surely met hundreds of those on different websites: online shops, news services, blogs, etc. Using such forms is a great way to gather the necessary information about your customers. In this article, we will speak about how to create an email sign-up form and how to create an online sign-up sheet.

An email sign-up sheet plays a crucial role in a successful marketing strategy. You can use it to promote your product or service, inform people about discounts and special offers, and eventually turn your potential customers into real ones. But how to start collecting emails if you have never done it before? First of all, you need reliable software to create a signup form for your website.

The AidaForm service will help you create a signup form for a website in a few easy steps – no programming skills required. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you make just the form you need: create a single-field form for collecting emails or build an extended form to gather any additional information. To make your form look great, AidaForm has a collection of design themes – feel free to use those to make the form match your brand or website colors.

To learn how to create a newsletter signup form for your website and how to build an email list, read the tutorial and useful tips below.

How to Create an Email Subscription Form with AidaForm

Before creating an email list, you need to learn how to create a sign-up form. To create an email newsletter sign-up form, see the following steps.


Log In to AidaForm

Click the Log In button in the top menu and enter your email and password. If you’re new to AidaForm, click Sign Up to create a free account.

Create an Online Signup Form

After you log in, you will get to your member’s area. To create an email sign-up form, click Create a Form and select an appropriate template. Use the Blank Template to manually choose the blocks you need. The Basic Template includes some of the standard fields like Name, Email, and Phone. If you know you are going to need those fields in your email signup form, choose the Basic template to save time. To continue, type in the name of your form and click Create.

Tune Up the Form

Open the Form Editor. Here you can add any blocks you need for your form – just drag and drop them to the working area. For example, if you need a simple email signup form, add an email field and the GDPR checkbox. Don’t forget about a short title that politely invites users to subscribe. If you want to get more information, you may include such fields as country, age, gender, etc. Having more data lets you explore your audience better and eventually send relevant emails to certain groups. However, keep in mind that the more fields you add to your form, the less attractive it will be for users to sign up – some people don’t want to share too much of personal information and other people are just too lazy to fill out a giant subscription form. Try to keep a balance between simplicity and a number of fields.

The Form Designer tab lets you make your form perfectly fit into your brand or website style. Try some pre-made themes to see if they suit your needs.


Publish Your Subscription Form

Once the design is ready, it’s time to publish your form. By getting a direct link, you can post it in your social media communities or add the subscribe button to a website. All the collected emails will be safely stored in your member’s area – you can check them at any time. With AidaForm it’s easy to create an email subscription list.

How to Build an Email List and Make It Grow

Creating and growing a list of emails will help you boost your business. Here are some short tips on how to build your email list and develop your database.


Make Sure the Signup Form is Easy to Find

Creating an email list starts with an easy-to-find subscription form. It may sound obvious, however, it’s a real challenge to locate the form on some websites. To find the best place for the form, you can conduct some usability tests or simply ask users where and when they expect the form to appear. Alternatively, you can ask your colleagues or friends for their opinion.


Encourage Social Media Followers to Sign Up

The title says it all. Just ask your social media audience to subscribe to newsletters. Don’t forget to mention benefits that users get after they sign up (for example, they will be the first to know about discounts and special offers). Not only you will grow your email database, but you’ll probably earn some extra money as well – email subscribers tend to buy much more often than social followers.


Add a Personal Touch to Emails

Sending the same boring newsletters to the whole email database isn’t the best idea. Chances are the majority of subscribers won’t even try to read them. To spark interest, segment your audience and try to make every subscriber feel special.


Include Sharing

To get more subscribers, add the sharing option to your emails so that readers could repost newsletters on their personal pages. Usually, if a person likes a piece of content, it will probably be interesting to their friends as well.

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