How to Create a Poll Online with AidaForm

With online polls, you can gather a quick feedback from your audience on different subjects. Do marketing research before launching a new product, make opinion scales to know people’s opinion on your events, conduct usability tests, and more. It may sound a bit similar to online surveys, however surveys and polls are different.

Firstly, online surveys have approximately 5-10 questions, while polls have only 1 or 2. Secondly, online surveys often include a number of close-ended and open-ended questions, while polls usually have only close-ended ones. In other words, surveys let you conduct a deeper research but they also require more time to complete. Make a voting poll to collect answers on simple questions (for example, “Do you prefer iOS or Android?”, “What logo do you like best?”, “Who did you vote for in the last presidential election?”). Such short questionnaires take less than a minute to submit.

So, if you want to create an online survey, read a tutorial on how to make a survey. Wondering how to create a vote and add the poll to a website? Read this article – here you’ll find some tips and tricks on creating simple polls and learn how to create your own poll with AidaForm.

How to Make a Poll Better


Keep the questions simple.

To get more reliable data, focus on a single issue and make sure your questions are easy to read and understand.


Use close-ended questions.

Polls are all about quick feedback. Give a limited number of options to save the respondents’ time and avoid vague responses.


Pre-test your poll.

Before publishing your poll, have a few people complete it to make sure everything is working just as you expect.


Offer it in the right time and place.

Considering polls, timing is very important since it directly affects the amount of responses you get. Think carefully when it would be relevant to invite participants to complete your poll.


Speak the language of your audience.

Before launching a poll, explore your audience to understand their pains and needs. This will help you engage more participants and get more submissions as a result.


Include a thank-you message.

Polls are not that big to offer something in return. However, it’s a good idea to show your appreciation with a simple thank-you message.

How to Make a Poll Online with the AidaForm Service


Log In to Your Account

To create a quick poll online, you need to log in to AidaForm first. Click Log In in the website menu and enter your email and password. If you don’t have an account yet, click Sign Up to create one for free.

Create an Online Poll

In your member’s area, click Create a Form and choose a template to continue working with. Go for the Blank Template to add all the necessary fields by hand. You can also choose the Basic Template that has the most common fields like Name, Email, and Phone already included. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to add and remove any fields later regardless of the chosen template. Type in the name of your form and hit Create.

Adjust the Design

Open the Form Editor and add the required blocks by dragging and dropping them to the working area. For creating an online poll, you’re probably going to need a multiple choice field or an opinion scale. Just add these blocks to your form, type in your questions and add answer options.

Now go to the Form Designer. To make your poll match the colors of your brand or website, choose one of the smart design themes.


Publish Your Poll

Click Publish to get a direct link to your poll for sending it via email, publishing it in your social media community or adding the link to a button on your website.

After you publish the poll, it’s time to collect and analyze responses. All the submissions are safely stored in your member’s area – no need to integrate your poll with any third-party software. Moreover, you’ll get notified by email every time someone completes your online questionnaire.

You’ve just learned how to create an online poll with the AidaForm service.

Make a Vote Online to Boost Your Business

Do Marketing Research
Before launching a new product or service, it’s important to know everything about your target audience. Create a custom poll to identify that crucial detail that’ll lead to smart business decisions.

Conduct Usability Tests
Making an online questionnaire is a great way to know people’s opinion on the new interface of your software or website. Create an online poll with images – include several screenshots with different interfaces and ask people which one they like best.

Choose Better Topics for Events
If you’re planning to host a webinar or a conference, it’s very important to make sure that the chosen topic is really interesting for your audience. All you need to do is create a voting poll and analyze responses.

Keep Users on Your Website Longer
The more time users spend on your website, the better it is for its SEO ranking position. Come up with some fun polls to entertain your customers, learn a bit more about them, and improve your website’s ranking.

Get Ratings on Products, Services, and Events
How to do an online poll so that it would show you the overall performance of your product? Create a rating poll. For example, it will help you understand what people think about your new application or how well you did on your last webinar.

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