How to Create an Application Form Online

Finding the right employees is never easy. But before actually hiring an employee, HR managers usually do lots of tedious paperwork. For example, sending PDF application forms in emails back and forth, converting data into the appropriate format for your human resource management system, storing physical copies of CVs. What’s more, candidates often write their job resumes in a different manner which makes it difficult for HR managers to compare skills. However, there’s a simple way to improve workflow and avoid wasting time on the above-mentioned issues. All you need to do is build a job application form online.

Creating a standard online application form can save lots of time and help you hire better employees. Here’s why:

  • An online application form makes it easier for candidates to apply for a job since they don’t need to write their resumes by hand.
  • It’s much easier for an HR manager to compare resumes when they are similarly organized.
  • If you create your own application form, you’ll save money on job posting websites – sometimes they’re quite costly and lack customization.

Don’t know how to make an online employment application for a website? Happily, building a standard application form is a matter of a few minutes if you have the right software.

AidaForm is an easy-to-use service that lets you create an application form online even if Microsoft Word or Excel are the only programs you’ve ever worked with. Drag and drop any types of fields, choose the design theme to match your corporate colors, publish the form on your website or add the link to the “Apply” button on your vacancies page.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make an application form online even if you’ve never created one before.

4 Steps How to Make an Application Form Online


Log in to AidaForm

Click Log In in the website menu and enter your email and password. If you don’t have an account at AidaForm yet, click Sign Up to create one for free.


Create a Job Application Form

Once you log in to your account, you’ll get to your member’s area. To create an online employment application form, click Create a Form and choose a template. Go for the Blank Template to manually add the fields required for your form. Alternatively, you can save time with the Basic Template that already has some commonly used fields like Full Name, Email, etc. No matter what template you choose, you’ll be able to insert and delete any fields later. Select the template you like, enter the name of your form (it will only be displayed in your member’s area), and move on to the next step.


Customize the Template

In the Form Editor, you can add any fields you need for your application form – just drag and drop them to the working area. For example, to learn the basic information about your candidates, add fields like First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email. Drop-down lists and multiple choice fields are perfect for questions like “What position are you applying for?”, “What is your current employment status?”, “Are you willing to relocate?”, etc. The Date field is useful if you want your candidates to specify the available start date or graduation date. To create a job application form online, just combine the required question blocks and adjust their settings to your needs.

In order to make a great first impression on candidates, it’s important to make sure your form is not only easy to fill out but also looks nice. Open the Form Designer to select one of the smart design themes.


Publish the Form

To export your form, click Publish. Generate a direct link to the form for adding it to a button on your website or posting it on social media.

With AidaForm, it’s easy to monitor your submissions. You’ll get notified every time someone sends an application through your form. All responses are safely stored in your member’s area and you can view them at any time.

Now you know how to create an online application form in 4 easy steps with AidaForm.

How to Make a Job Application Form Work Better


Make Your Application Form Easy to Find

To fill out an application form, candidates need to find it first. So make sure your website menu has a clearly visible Vacancies or Careers section. There’s a good trick to understand if your form is easy to find. Ask a couple of your friends or colleagues to imagine they’re candidates and want to apply for a job. If they can easily find an application form on your website or in your social media communities, then a real and motivated candidate will surely find it as well.


Give Clear Instructions

Know what exactly you want to learn about the applicants – it will help you come up with clear, understandable questions. This way you’ll get relevant responses that’ll lead to reasonable decisions. What’s more, a well-structured application form quickly grabs the candidates’ attention. To make your form even more user-friendly, feel free to incorporate helper lines. For instance, add an example of a data format or phone number under the corresponding fields.


Let the Candidates Know What’s Next

Imagine yourself submitting a job application form. You fill out all the fields and click the Apply button. But after that, the form simply refreshes leaving you wondering if your application was received or not. To avoid confusion, include a thank-you page that appears after submitting a form and give applicants some details on when they can hear back from you.

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