How to Create an Electronic Signature Form

The traditional way of signing a form requires you to print it out, sign it with a pen, put it into an envelope, and send it to the recipient. Forms with digital signatures let you save lots of time and get rid of unnecessary paperwork – just sign the form online as you fill it out.

Electronic signatures can be used for many types of forms. For instance, if you’re planning a conference, webinar or another type of event, include an e-sign so that guests could confirm their submission. Hiring employees through an online form? Add an electronic signature to an online application form – your candidates will be able to give their consent to process personal data. What’s more, you can use electronic signatures instead of a CAPTCHA security test.

Creating online forms with electronic signatures may sound difficult at first. But don’t worry – with AidaForm, you don’t need to code or integrate with third-party applications. Moreover, you don’t need any technical skills at all – AidaForm lets you add an electronic signature field just by dragging and dropping the field itself onto your form. The signature is saved as an image which makes it valid for concluding contracts, agreements, etc.

Read this guide to learn how to add a signature to an online form using the AidaForm service.

How to Create a Form with Online Signature


Log In to AidaForm

In the website top menu, click Log In to enter your account. If you’ve never used the AidaForm service before, click Sign Up to register and create a free account.

Create Your Electronic Signature Form: Use a Template or Start from Scratch

In your member’s area, click Create New Form and choose a template. Pick the Start Blank if you want to create a form from scratch and add only the fields you need. If you’re going to need standard fields like Name, Email, and Phone in your form, you can save time and go to the Template Gallery. Feel free to choose any template since you’ll be able to add and remove any fields later.

To create an electronic signature form, move on to the next step.


Add the Electronic Signature Field to Create Signatures Online

To make an online signature form, open the Builder and go to Form Elements. Add the fields required for your form – just drag and drop them to the working area. For example, if you’re making a registration form, you’re probably going to need fields like Name, Email, Phone, and Date. After you include all the blocks you need, add the Signature Field. Usually, this field is located at the bottom of the form. However, you can rearrange the fields and put them in any order you like.

Now it’s time to make your form look great. Open the Form Designer and choose the appropriate theme for your form.


Publish Your Form

When you’re satisfied with your form, click Publish to get a direct link to the form – you can send it via email, publish in social networks or add it to a button on your website.

You can view the responses at any time in your member’s area. Don’t worry, there’s no need to check your account every now and then – you’ll get email notifications every time someone submits the form.

That’s all there’s to it! You’ve just learned how to create an online form with a signature field using the AidaForm service.

Why Switch to Electronic Signatures


It’s secure

Handwritten signatures on traditional paper documents can be easily tampered with. An electronic signature form contains a signature itself and often includes information about when the document was signed, who signed it, and where. Thanks to this traceable information, using digital signatures grants you a higher level of security.


It cuts costs dramatically

Using digital signature online forms can help you cut expenses on printing, mailing, and storing paper documents. To sign a form online, all you need is an Internet connection. You’ll save money, forget about exhausting paperwork, and will be able to concentrate on more important things.


It saves time

It’s commonly known that a traditional paper-based process often takes a huge amount of time. Don’t make your customers wait. With digital signatures, you can improve your workflow, process documents much faster, and provide a better customer experience.

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