Payment Forms (Expert and Ultimate accounts)

AidaForm allows you to create forms and landing pages that can collect payments online. The functionality is available in Expert and Ultimate accounts. AidaForm supports two payment processing providers: PayPal and Stripe (card payments only).

To offer products on your form, AidaForm has different types of fields: Order Cart, Stripe and PayPal. The fields may look similar, but they differ greatly in functionality. Moreover, some fields cannot be used simultaneously on one form.

Please review the information below to decide which field and approach is the best for your business flow.

There are three different ways to create payment forms in AidaForm:

  1. Using the Stripe field. It allows you to offer products in one field (the Stripe field) only and collect payments using one payment method – card payments by Stripe. Read how to use the Stripe cart field.

  2. Using the PayPal field. It allows you to offer products in one field (the PayPal field) only and collect payment using one payment method – PayPal. Read how to use the PayPal cart field.

  3. Using one or several Order Cart fields that are connected to a Checkout field. This method allows you to offer products in multiple order carts and you can decide which payment methods to provide to your clients – card payments by Stripe, PayPal or custom offline payments. Read the tutorial on:

It does not matter whether you use the Stripe/PayPal form elements or the Checkout field that is connected with your Stripe/PayPal accounts, there are some peculiar features that you may want to know about different payment system integrations. Read more about

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