Manual Renewal vs. Auto-Renewal

By default, all newly-purchased subscriptions have automatic renewal enabled. It means that at the beginning of the new billing period your bank card will be charged automatically. You will be informed at least 7 days in advance about the date and amount of the upcoming charge.

If you keep the auto-renewal feature on, your subscription will be automatically renewed before it expires, avoiding usage interruptions. This service is provided through highly secure, encrypted connection, so rest assured that we will safely handle the financial details for the auto-renewal of your subscription.

You can disable the auto-renewal option at any time. In this case your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the current billing cycle. If you want to avoid service interruption, you will have to renew your subscription manually. You can do it by following the link in your secure 2CO myAccount. In case of manual renewal you will have to enter your payment data every time you renew your subscription. Please, note that manual renewal only possible if done before or within 5 days after the date of the upcoming charge. After this period, your subscription expires and can no longer be prolonged.

In case of any questions connected with payment, subscription cancellation or renewals, please contact the 2Checkout customer support.

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