How to Use the Real-Time Survey Dashboard

The real-time dashboard is a powerful tool allowing you to get an overview of survey and poll responses with live visual charts.

With the help of the real-time survey dashboards, you can:

  • Conduct real-time surveys during a presentation or meetup event.
  • Interact with your website audience and display the live results of surveys online.

Real-time dashboards can be enabled for any AidaForm that includes supported fields.

Which fields will be displayed on the real-time dashboard?

These are drop-down, multiple and picture choice, rating, slider, scale, and newsletter signup fields.

How can I start my real-time dashboard?

  1. Create a survey or a poll using any of the supported fields. You can use any other fields of your choice, but the results for the fields will not be displayed on your real-time dashboards.
  2. Go to BUILDER -> PUBLISH and toggle ON the Publish setting.
  3. Scroll down, find and enable the Real-Time Dashboard setting.
  4. Copy the link to your Real-Time Dashboard and open it in a browser.

As soon as your form receives a new response, the statistics on the dashboard will be updated.

What is the lifetime of the launched real-time dashboard?

Free and Starter accounts have a 1-hour restriction on the dashboard lifetime. After one hour, the link to the dashboard will expire and you will need to restart your dashboard.

To do this, go to BUILDER -> PUBLISH -> Real-Time Dashboard and click Renew the Link. Then click the Restart Dashboard button and copy a newly generated link. The new dashboard will be live for another hour and will display only the statistics collected during its current lifetime period.

Expert and Ultimate accounts do not have restrictions regarding the number of launched dashboards or their lifetime.

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