How to Use the Cards Field (Expert and Ultimate Accounts)

The field is located in the Landing Pages section of the Form Elements pane.

This is a powerful field allowing you to create landing pages with image and text cards. By clicking on a card, your visitor will be transferred to another part of the created page or to a defined URL.

How can I create a landing page with image cards from scratch?

  1. Create a new form using a blank template.

  2. Go to Form Elements -> Landing Pages and click Cards.

  3. By default, the field adds to your form 4 image cards. The cards display default pictures and texts.

  4. Customize texts on cards by clicking and editing them. Align the position of texts using the align buttons on the field’s toolbar.

  5. Click on a picture area to change pictures on cards.

    • Upload a new picture from your computer or
    • Search and use a picture from the integrated Pixabay image bank.
  6. Open the Cards field’s Settings (click the green cog on the field’s toolbar) and set an action for each card.

    • Choose Redirect to URL to move your visitors to a required website page or another form created in the AidaForm service.
    • Choose the Go to Page to move your visitors to a specified page of your created landing page. Note: To use the setting, first use the Page Break field to split your landing page into meaningful parts. Read how to use Page Breaks.
  7. Add any headers and texts to the created landing page. Follow your goals and be creative!

  8. Determine whether you need a Submit button at the end of the created landing page. If not, open the Submit button’s Settings (click the green cog on the field’s toolbar) and toggle the Hide Button setting.

Read how to prepare images to use them in the Cards field

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