How to Use Ready-Made Templates

AidaForm includes several ready-made templates to save your time. Read the quick guide below to learn how to use and customize them in a few clicks.

1. Select the Template

To view the available templates, open the Template Gallery on the Aidaform’s main page. Choose from the variety of form presets to find the one that matches your requirements and click it once to see the full-size preview. Once you’ve chosen the desired template, click the Use This Template button in the right part of the preview page.

2. Log In to AidaForm

To customize ready-made templates, you need to log in your AidaForm account. To do this, enter your email and password to the corresponding fields. If you’ve never used the AidaForm service before, create an account for free by clicking Sign Up in the upper part of the screen.

After you log in, you’ll get to your member’s area. In the My Forms section, you’ll see your chosen template at the top of the list. To customize the template, click it once to open the form editor.

3. Adjust the Template If Necessary

In the form editor, you can tweak the chosen template as you like – type in another text, add or remove fields, apply a different color set, and more. For example, to add new blocks, click the Form Elements button on the left. If you want to change the colors, use the Form Designer button on the right. Customize the template until it fits your needs perfectly.

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