How to Use Query Parameter Hidden Fields (Ultimate account)

Hidden fields are not displayed on the published form and they are never filled in by your respondents. These are powerful marketing instruments that help you tune and customize the workflow of your form. One form can have multiple hidden fields of different types.

See all types of AidaForm Hidden field here

The Query Parameter hidden field allows you to:

  • Track the source of your respondent (e.g. email, website, FB, etc.). See Example.
  • Set Logic Jumps depending on the URL that your respondents have followed.
  • Personalize your form content, e.g. Name (the feature is coming soon).

To set the Query Parameter hidden field:

  1. Add the Hidden form element to any part of your created form.
    Tip: it’s more convenient to deal with it when it’s located at the very beginning or very end of the form.

  2. By default, the Query Parameter type will be chosen and displayed in the field’s area.

  3. Enter your Query Parameter name. The name must consist of Latin, alphanumeric characters. The name is case sensitive.

  4. Your Query Parameter field is set!

Example: You have created an event registration form. You are going to send the registration form to your email database, provide the link to the form on your website and share the form’s URL on your Facebook page. You would like to track which audience source works the best for you and brings you the most event registrations.

  1. Set a Query Parameter hidden field following the instructions above.
    Set your Query Parameter name to be source (any other name will also work, for example, src or MyAudienceSource, just keep it meaningful).
  2. Publish your form and copy your form URL. Your form URL looks like this:
  3. Add the name of the query parameter to your form URL:
  4. Create three URLs and use them for three groups of your audience.

Email, fb, and website can be exchanged for any words or numbers you like. They serve as values that you’ll see in your response reports.

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