How to Use Page Break

Page Break allows you to:

  1. Create multi-page forms, organize your form content into meaningful units. See an example
  2. Create functional landing pages that may also include several different types of forms.
  3. Set Logic Jumps.

Page Break is closely bound with Logic Jumps, that is why the field is called Page Breaks + Logic Jumps. Logic jumps cannot exist without page breaks, but page breaks can be successfully used separately.

Adding the field to your form, you specify where your current page ends and the next page starts.

How can I create a multi-page form?

  1. Decide on the structure of your form: which logic parts your form will have.
  2. Create your form adding and customizing required fields.
  3. Split your form into pages adding the Page Break + Logic Jumps fields.
  4. Edit the texts on the navigation buttons according to your needs and preferences. Note that the page break between Page1 and Page2 contains only the “Continue” button, while all other page breaks also have a “Go Back” button.

When shall I hide navigation buttons?

The field’s Settings area provides the Hide Buttons toggle that removes navigation buttons and makes it impossible to move to the next page of the form. This setting plays a vital role when you create a landing page or Instagram bio page.

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