How to Use Logic Jumps (Expert and Ultimate accounts)

Logic Jumps are settings that specify what actions will be performed depending on the respondents’ answers or a form flow that you define.

Example 1: A survey asks a respondent to rate her experience from 0 to 10. When the rating score is less than 6, then the respondent is transferred to one set of questions; and when the score is 7 or higher, then the respondent is transferred to a different set of questions. See an example here

Example 2: In your multi-page form you may want to define that clicking the “Continue” button on the form’s Page 2, your respondent is transferred to the form’s Page 4.

Logic Jumps only make sense for a multi-page form, when respondents navigate from one page to another, clicking the Next page button. That is why Logic Jumps are bound in AidaForm editor with Page Breaks.

How can I set Logic Jumps?

First, you have to decide on the structure of your form: which logic parts your form will have. Then follow these steps:

  1. Create your form adding and customizing required fields.
  2. Split your form into pages adding the Page Break + Logic Jumps fields.
  3. Click the Page Break for which you’d like to set logic jumps and open the Settings pane (click the green cog on the field’s toolbar).
  4. Toggle green Logic Jumps and work with settings:
    1. If required, set a condition for the jumps using the When, Then, Else statements.

      Example A:

      When: Rating is less than 6

      Then: Go to Page 2

      Else: Go to Page 3

      Use the button Add Logic Jumps, to be able to set additional conditions, if necessary.

      Example B:

      When: Rating is less than 3

      Then: Go to Page 2

      Else When: Rating is between 4 and 6

      Then: Go to Page 3

      Else: Go to Page 4

      Note: You cannot combine several conditions in one using logical operators.

      For example, you cannot set the condition:
      When Rating is less than 3
      When Multiple Choice contains Chocolate…

    2. If you don’t require to set any conditions and would only like to define the action that will be performed upon clicking the Next page button:

      • Click the Remove button next to the When statement.
      • Set a desired action in the Then statement.

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