How to Use the Checkout Field and Offer Multiple Payment Methods

The Checkout Field belongs to the hidden fields. The field is not visible to your form respondents but helps you to process orders and payments for goods and services collected from multiple Order Cart, Calculation and Formula fields.

Using the Checkout field, you can create a simple online shop: offer your products in multiple order carts, sell products at custom calculated prices, and offer volume discounts. What is more, the field lets your customers choose their preferred payment method (PayPal, credit card or a custom method, such as cash or invoice). See the example of a simple online shop.

The Checkout field works with Order Cart, Calculation and Formula fields and can be connected to your PayPal and Stripe accounts.

How the Checkout field works

Let us suppose you sell different types of Pizza and Salad and offer standard and speedy delivery options. To set up checkout functionality for your order form:

  1. Add to your form three Order Cart fields. You can find the fields in the Orders and Payments Form Elements section.
  2. Enter names and prices for your Pizzas in the first Order Cart field.
  3. Enter names and prices for your Salads in the second Order Cart field.
  4. Enter delivery options names and prices in the third Order Cart field.
  5. Add the Checkout field to your form. The field will automatically display all Order Cart fields that exist on your form. Check the boxes to connect your Order Carts to the Checkout field.
  6. Connect your Stripe and/or PayPal accounts to the AidaForm Checkout field in the Checkout field settings.

That’s all you need to set up to be able to collect payments for the chosen products.

Can I give my purchasers a choice of how to pay: with a card or PayPal?

The Checkout field supports collecting payments with the help of Stripe and/or PayPal. It’s up to you to decide which payment options to offer to your customers: card payment, PayPal, or both.

To provide your purchasers with the choice of which payment method they prefer to use, simply toggle ON set up both Stripe and PayPal settings.

Can I set up prices in different currencies for different Order Carts on one form?

AidaForm allows you to set up prices in different currencies for products in different Order Carts. For example, your form can display prices for your Pizzas in USD and for your Salads in EUR.

Please note that a payment transaction for a checkout cart containing products in different currencies is not supported!

In our example, this means that if your customers choose Pizzas or Salads only, their checkout carts will have products in a single currency and the transactions will be completed. But if they choose both Pizzas and Salads, the checkout cart will contain products in different currencies and the transaction will not be possible.

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