How to Switch Between Traditional and Conversational UI?

By default, all forms that you create in AidaForm from scratch, have a traditional UI. This means that a published form looks like a scrollable list of fields. See an example of a traditional form.

To convert any created form into a conversational form:

  1. Open the form and go to the BUILDER -> SET UP section.
  2. On the left-side pane choose TRAITS and toggle ON the Conversational UI setting.

Conversational UI means that a published form displays only one fillable field on the visible form page. A conversational form also looks more like a chat and allows respondents to use shortcuts to navigate through. The feature is available in all types of accounts. See an example of a conversational form.

What happens when I toggle ON the Conversational UI setting?

AidaForm automatically adds page breaks that are not visible in the form editor, so that only one fillable field gets between the breaks.

You can edit and customize your conversational form using any fields, settings, and designs. You can also add additional Page Break fields with and without Logic Jumps depending on your requirements. AidaForm will automatically arrange necessary changes to keep your form conversational.

To customize or localize the text on the navigation buttons of your conversational form, go to BUILDER -> SET UP -> TRAITS -> Conversational UI -> Configure

Can I change my conversational form back to a traditional one?

Yes, you can do it any time you want. All you have to do is to toggle OFF the Conversational UI setting. Your form will stay fully functional.

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