How to set up custom domains for AidaForms in PRO accounts

This guide covers two topics:

By default, every form created in the AidaForm service gets a URL like You can change the YourSubdomain and YourPath in your URL simply by entering the required values in the My Forms -> Form -> Builder -> Publish -> Link -> Change URL section.

AidaForm also supports the use of custom domains to create, for your forms, domain-specific URLs like or

All URLs are set on a per form basis, so a URL for each form must be set separately in the form settings.

The number of custom domains allowed for an AidaForm account depends on the allocated tariff plan and specific conditions.

How can I set my custom domain for my AidaForm?

  1. Go through your domain verification process:
    1. For a chosen form, go to the Form -> Builder -> Publish -> Link -> Change URL section, toggle green the Custom Domain setting and copy the required TXT record by clicking the Copy TXT Record button.
    2. Navigate to the DNS record section of your domain registrar account.
    3. Add the TXT entry to your DNS record.
    4. Add @ to the Host or Name field (if it is required by your domain host).
    5. Paste the copied value in the Content or Value field of the TXT entry.
  2. Create CNAME record: In your domain registrar account create a new CNAME record for the required domain (e.g. pointing to (it shall be exactly, not anything else). Save changes.
  3. Make sure your setup went correctly: You may check the value of your domain TXT and CNAME records using the nslookup tool. The free online nslookup tool is available here: Sample output should look like this: Check TXT record Check CNAME record
  4. Return to the Form -> Builder -> Publish -> Link -> Change URL section and enter values in the Domain and Path fields to make up the desired URL. The URL may not have any Path value.

    Please, enter into the Domain field exactly the domain for which you have created the CNAME record. The Path field may be whatever you like.

How can I set up the SSL for my custom domain using Cloudflare?

To be able to set the SSL for your custom domain to be used with AidaForms, first, you need to complete the actions described in the section ‘How to set my custom domain for my AidaForm’.

After that, go to your Cloudflare account and make sure the Proxy status for the custom domain is set to Proxied.

Please note that there will be no automatic redirect from http to https, so you have to adjust your form URL replacing http with https. We are working on the functionality to improve the user experience and will improve it in the very near future.

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