How to Publish a Form

To publish your form, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Form -> Builder-> Publish section.
  2. Turn the Form status -> Published toggle from OFF to ON – it will turn green. Now other people will be able to access your form and submit responses once they have a link to it.
  3. To customize your form URL, click the Change URL button and set up your custom subdomain and path. Learn how to set a custom domain for your form.

You can copy and use the URL for your published form to:

  • Add it to a button on your website
  • Publish it to your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media communities
  • Send it via email

How can I restrict access to my form?

To restrict access to your form, you can set up:

  • Password protection so that only respondents who know the password can reach the content of the form and send responses
  • A time range for when your form will be available online
  • Number of responses that can be sent from the form

You will find the settings in the Form -> Builder -> Publish -> Form Status -> Configure -> Restrict Access section.

Use the Fallback URL setting to specify the URL where your respondents will be redirected if your form is not available due to the restrictions on the time or number of responses.

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