How to Publish a Form Online

Looks like you’re happy with the appearance of your form and ready to open it for respondents. Check the following guide to learn how to publish your form online.

1. Publish Your Form

In the form editor, open the Publish tab. To publish your form, switch the Published toggle from OFF to ON – it will become green. Now other people will be able to access your form and submit responses once they have a link to it. See the next step to learn more about sharing a link to your form.

2. Share the Link with Respondents

Pay attention to the Link section. There you’ll see the URL that you should share with users so they could open your form. Сlick the Copy button and share the link to start collecting responses:

  • Add it to a button on your website
  • Publish it in your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media communities
  • Send it via email

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