How to Prepare Images to Use Them in the Cards and Picture Choice Fields

AidaForm offers two ways to upload images for the Cards and Picture Choice Fields:

  • Upload an image from your computer drive;
  • Search and upload an image from the free Pixabay service.

How your images are displayed in your form’s fields depends on:

  1. The number of the field’s columns.
  2. The length of your texts.
  3. Your images’ aspect ratios.

What can I do to make my image fields look attractive?

Choose images of matching styles and colours, and follow these super easy steps to ensure better compatibility of your images:
  1. Download and save all the images that you’d like to use on your computer.
  2. Go to the free Pixlr photo editor* and open your image.
  3. Click the Crop icon and set Aspect Ratio: Width = 3, Height = 2
  4. Save your image in the .png or .jpg formats.
  5. Go to, open your form and upload your edited images by clicking the image areas of the Cards or Picture Choice fields.
  6. Keep the texts that you type under the images of approximately the same length.
*We suggest using Pixlr for illustrative purposes only. AidaForm is not connected with Pixlr and cannot guarantee that the service works errorless and stays free. Be welcome to use any online or desktop photo editor that will help to you change the aspect ratios of your images.

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