How to Customize Your 'Thank you' Page

By default, upon submitting a form, your respondents are forwarded to the standard “Success! We’ve received your submission” page. This is the only option available for the holders of the AidaForm Free and Starter accounts.

AidaForm Expert and Ultimate account holders can set which actions to perform after a form has been submitted:

To set a desired action, open your form and go to the BUILDER -> SET UP -> GENERAL section. Chose a desired action for the After Submit setting.

Can I customize the default 'Thank you' page’s content?

No, but you can create and set a new 'Thank you' page with custom content right inside your Expert or Ultimate accounts.
  1. Create a new form using a Blank Template.
  2. Create the desired content using Header, Subheader, Text. Say nice words to your respondents, use the Cards field to provide links to your other products and services. Be creative!
  3. Go to the Submit Button Settings area and toggle the Hide Buttons Setting to green.
  4. Publish your form and make sure that the created form does not have a Submit button. The form looks like a simple landing page, isn’t it?
  5. Copy the form URL and set it as a redirect URL for the After Submit setting (see instructions above).

Use AidaForm ‘Thank you’ page templates

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