How Stripe integration works

After your purchasers click the Submit/Continue/Pay button on your created form, they are redirected to the automatically generated by AidaForm window that consists of the following parts:

  1. The list of product options that your purchaser has chosen and the total amount he/she is to pay. Stripe requires you to display the information and therefore it cannot be modified or deleted from the window.
  2. A field to enter payment card information. The field is provided and supported by Stripe and its content and collected data cannot be modified or deleted.
  3. The “Pay (total amount)” button. Stripe requires that the button has the text that explicitly formulates the intention to buy with the help of the entered payment card. The content of the button cannot be modified.

After your purchaser clicks on the “Pay (total amount)” button, Stripe validates all payment details and either displays an error message or makes a transaction.

Please note that Stripe only allows the processing of orders whose total amount is bigger than 0.5 USD (or equivalent in the specified currency) taking into account the deduction of Stripe processing fees.

AidaForm does not collect, store or process any payment card information and only serves as a means to display Stripe’s field to enter payment data.

Upon purchase completion, Stripe sends to AidaForm a notification about a successful transaction, and AidaForm transfers all the data entered in the form as well as the purchase status information to your Results -> Response Inbox account section. If you’ve set a Google Sheet integration, the data will also be sent to the specified sheet.

If a purchase process could not be completed or has not been completed, no information is transferred to your AidaForm account.

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