How to Use the Stripe Cart Field (Expert and Ultimate accounts)

You can find the Stripe cart field in the Form Elements -> Order and Payment section. The field allows you to create only one order cart that is connected with your Stripe account. See an example of Stripe Order Form.

Would you like your form to have multiple order carts that are connected with your Stripe account? In this case the Stripe field is not the right choice, you will need to use Order cart and Checkout fields instead. Read how to use multiple order carts that are connected with your Stripe account

Can I use both Stripe and PayPal fields on one form?

No. Every created form can have either Stripe or PayPal or Checkout fields on it. In case you would like to let your customers choose a payment method, you need to use the Checkout field. Read how to create a payment form with multiple payment methods.

Can I add several Stripe cart fields to different pages of one form?

No. Every created form can have only one Stripe field, even if the form has multiple pages.

Can I connect different Stripe accounts to different forms?

Yes, it’s possible. Stripe integrations are set for every form separately, so you can set different Stripe integrations for different forms.

Can I sell subscription products using the Stripe cart field?

Yes, AidaForm supports selling subscription products via the Stripe cart field.

How can I set a Stripe cart field for my form?

  1. Find the Stripe field on the Form Elements pane in the AidaForm Builder section and add it to your form or landing page.
  2. Click the green cog button on the Stripe field’s toolbar and open its settings.
  3. Click the Connect with Stripe button and follow the instructions to set up the connection.

Read how Stripe integration works and how response data is processed.

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