Side-by-Side Comparison: AidaForm vs. Google Forms

The table below will help you choose a better option: compare the peculiarities and make your decision! There might be something like Google Forms, but better…

AidaForm Google Forms
Ready-made templates
Drag-and-drop interface
Field and question types 21 9
Files & attachments uploading A respondent needs to sign in to a Google account to attach a file
Collecting payments
Collecting signatures
“I have read and agree to the privacy policy” checkbox Possible to add a checkbox, but there is no ability to add links
Form themes
Mobile-friendly forms
Email notifications No barriers to getting responses: assign a different email address for each form you create Only one recipient: email will be sent to your Google account without the possibility of sharing
Sending responses as PDF files
Built-in analytics Track the number of views and the number of filling and dispatching of your forms

AidaForm is probably the best Google Forms alternative as it’s an easy-to-use form building service that helps create customizable surveys in minutes!

5 Things AidaForm Does that Google Forms Doesn’t

Sell your goods

Create forms to process payments quick and secure.

See overall statistics

Use built-in analytics to take your business to the next level.

Collect signatures and add “I agree to terms” checkbox.

Save time and effort

Drag-and-drop interface makes it simpler and faster to move items.

Get your team caught up

Every person in the team will get the needed email notifications.

Don’t Get Stuck on It!

Try AidaForm — advanced Google Forms alternative! Free account. And much more feedback captured.