Why AidaForm is a Better Alternative to Google Forms.


AidaForm helps you make your online business forms and surveys GDPR-compliant.

Although Google Forms is considered to be a secure and GDPR-compliant service, it’s important to remember that it’s not Google but YOU who are responsible for making your form or survey GDPR-compliant! Alongside other requirements, GDPR demands that you, as a data controller, inform your respondents which information is being collected (even if it’s collected by Google and you never see it), how it’s processed, where it’s stored, how and where your respondents can change the use of cookies and other preferences.

To meet the requirement and be GDPR-compliant, a form or a survey that you send to your customers must explicitly provide the required information, for example, via a link to the ‘Terms of Use’ and ask your respondents if they agree with them.

As Google Forms does not allow the insertion of links for ‘Terms of Use’ into your created forms and surveys, it becomes really tricky, if not impossible, to make your business forms GDPR-compliant.

AidaForm features a predesigned ‘Terms and Conditions’ field and it’s an alternative to Google Forms that makes it easy to create a GDPR-compliant form or survey.


AidaForm analyses the completion rates of your forms and surveys.

How well does your online form perform? What is your survey completion rate? The statistics help to figure out whether your forms should be reviewed and may be improved. Unfortunately, Google Forms does not provide you with this valuable data. The AidaForm service collects its forms’ completion rates separately for users on desktop and mobile devices, and shows forms’ submission distribution over time.


AidaForm allows the collection of orders with and without advance payment.

You can create your order page and start selling your goods using the PayPal payment processing system within minutes.


AidaForm features more than 20 great-looking rating scales fields to conduct any kind of poll and survey.

Moreover, unlike Google Forms, AidaForm calculates the percentile measure for effective survey results analyses.


AidaForms are not just mobile-optimised; they also look attractive on mobile devices.

Google Forms claim to be responsive - fully functional on mobile devices - and they are: Google Forms can be completed and sent from mobile phones and tablets. What is not guaranteed is the convenience of the completion procedure and the forms’ look and feel. Check it yourself: add a multiple-choice grid with several rows and five plus columns to your Google Form and open it on your mobile device. The created Google Form looks awkward and confusing, doesn’t it? Surely it’s not suitable for the business that wants to grow.

To sum everything up, Google Forms may be a nice tool for personal use, but it misses some very important features recommended for business purposes.

Look through this side-by-side comparison of AidaForm vs. Google Forms, compare the similarities and make your decision!

AidaFormGoogle Forms
Ready-made templates
Drag-and-drop interface
Field and question types369
Files & attachments uploadingA respondent needs to sign in to a Google account to attach a file
Collecting payments
Collecting signatures
“I have read and agree to the privacy policy” checkboxPossible to add a checkbox, but there is no ability to add links
Form themes
Mobile-friendly forms
Email notificationsNo barriers to getting responses: assign a different email address for each form you createOnly one recipient: email will be sent to your Google account without the possibility of sharing
Sending responses as PDF files
Built-in analyticsTrack the number of views and the number of filling and dispatching of your forms

Google Forms Upload File vs AidaForm Upload File

Google Forms allows the creation of forms with the file upload field free of charge. The huge inconvenience that makes such forms almost unsuitable for business purposes is the fact that to upload a file the respondent must be logged into their Google account. What is more, your personal Google Drive storage space is restricted to 10 GB and must be relatively empty to provide flawless file transfer.

AidaForm File Upload is included in the Expert plan and is available for $30/month. If the 5 GB of storage included in the Expert is not enough, you can increase the space at any time for a small additional fee.

Google Forms E-Signature vs AidaForm E-Signature

Google Forms does not feature a native e-signature field. To add this functionality to your form, you may want to use add-ons. Be aware that before implementing any third-party applications into your form or survey, it’s highly advisable to check if the add-ons work errorless and can meet safety and data protection requirements.

The AidaForm’s Signature Field is safe, sound and included in the Expert plan for just $30/month.

Use AidaForm for your business

Sell your goods

Create forms to process payments quickly and securely.

See overall statistics

Use built-in analytics to take your business to the next level.

Collect signatures and add an ‘I agree to terms’ checkbox.

Save time and effort

Drag-and-drop interface makes it simpler and faster to move items.

Conduct professional surveys and polls

Use versatile scales, sliders and matrix fields. Analyse statistics like a professional.

Don’t Get Stuck on It!

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