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AidaForm: Online Registration Forms Made Easy

If you’re organizing clubs, webinars, or events, you know how important it is that everything runs smoothly. This is where a good registration form can save you loads of effort: you’ll know how many attendees to expect, what their special requirements, age, and occupations are – all the things you need to plan everything out.

Fully-customizable Design

Create forms that reflect your branding. Switch between Traditional and Conversational modes in one click.

Online Payment Collection

Need to collect participation fees? Easy! Use the secure PayPal and Stripe options built into AidaForm.

Stay compliant with the DPA and GDPR rules. Collect consent to terms and conditions verified by signature.

AidaForm helps you create simple and appealing online registration forms for any activity you organize. Just choose one of our ready-made templates, customize it in an easy drag-and-drop builder . You’ll be able to start collecting registrations and selling tickets in no time.

How to Create a Simple Registration Page without HTML Code in 4 Easy Steps

Create a custom registration form in the AidaForm registration form builder

Create a Custom Registration Form

In the AidaForm registration form builder, you can start with a blank page and just drag-and-drop all the fields you want: attendee’s name, email, phone, and address. Then ask whatever else you need for your registration process using multiple-choice blocks or free text fields. Or, instead of starting from scratch, select and customize one of our registration form samples .

Include payment collection via PayPal or Stripe if you sell tickets or collect participation fees. And don’t worry about small details – AidaForm automatically suggests optimal error messages, field validation, and even fill-out hints.

Make your registration form design beautiful: customize the font size and type, select your brand colors, add your logo.

Make Design Adjustments

A beautiful registration form design is essential if you want to make it a wholesome experience for those who register. Use a design theme that matches your website:

  • customize the font size and type, as well as button shapes
  • select your brand colors
  • add your logo
Publish and share your free online registration form

Share Your User Registration Form

AidaForm has all you need to make your form available online. You can copy a direct link and add it to registration buttons on your website, send the link via email, or share it on social networks. If you want to add your registration form to WordPress without the plugin, then just copy the embed code and insert it on a page of your WordPress site. Read more about adding an AidaForm to a WordPress website .

Wherever users complete the registration, all the entries end up in the Results section in your AidaForm account – safe and sound.

Collect and manage online registrations

Manage Registrations

Once you’ve published your registration form online, AidaForm helps you with submissions: you’ll get a notification email every time someone submits a registration form so you won’t miss anything.

View summaries of all submissions in your member’s area and plan everything. Export registrations as an Excel or Google sheet to organize catering, seats, or learning materials, and make your activity a success.

Is Participation Paid? Collect Fees via PayPal or Stripe

If the registration itself is paid or you offer additional paid services, you’ll be able to set up payment collection right in the AidaForm service.

  • AidaForm offers a registration form with a PayPal integration and credit card payments that are super-easy to set up
  • You can collect payments as fixed amounts, user-defined amounts, or use the Order Cart element with a choice of preset options
  • Payment processing is 100% secure. AidaForm does not receive any sensitive payment information

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3 Best Practices for Building Easy Registration Forms


Only Ask for the Information You Need

The fewer questions you ask, the more people are likely to finish your simple online registration form. Only ask for things you really need to know to organize the event or provide the service – it’ll make your form easy and friction-free.


Explain How You Use the Data You Collect

People are cautious about giving their personal information and will go away if they feel their privacy might be compromised. Let them know what you need sensitive data like age or allergies for. Make a secure online registration form to gain participants’ trust – you’ll receive many more submissions that way.


Make Sure the Flow is Logical

A registration form includes a number of required fields, like the participants’ personal data (name, email, phone number, sometimes, address) – these should normally be put first. Everything else should follow a logical sequence depending on the purpose of the registration. Try to put optional items at the bottom of the form so that the user provides the required information first.

AidaForm is not just a convenient builder for free online registration forms, it’s a complete service for form creation and publishing, as well as response management. Store and review submissions securely in the member’s area or export responses to Excel for segmenting and analysis.

Create registration forms, polls , surveys , and order forms with mobile-ready conversational elements that make your online forms fun and easy to fill out. AidaForm takes care of form usability so you can boost your business instead of learning how to create forms from scratch. Try AidaForm and get your first form published today!

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