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Personality Quiz Maker by AidaForm: Beautiful Quizzes, Fast and Easy

People adore taking psychological tests! A personality test, whether it’s a serious Enneagram test or a fun “what is your cartoon character” quiz, will grab your website visitors’ attention and can generate a handful of new leads for your business.

With the AidaForm online personality quiz maker, you can create a personality quiz tailored for your company without any knowledge of programming and design. To make it even easier and faster, we have prepared dozens of ready-to-use examples that you can add to your AidaForm account and set up for your goals.

Custom Score Calculations

Create a quiz using fields of your choice — multiple and picture choice, scales, ratings, drop-down — and calculate the resulting score however you need.

Lead Generation Fields

Collect respondent data before or after displaying the result of the quiz. Collect names and emails of quiz participants and stay GDPR compliant.

Send Results to Quiz Takers

Automatically send quiz results and recommendations and establish the contact as early as possible.

Personality Test Examples

AidaForm is very flexible and provides various ways to create online personality tests. You can customize all content, formulas and calculations on the personality quiz examples that we prepared for you and, of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help with the quiz setting.

Entertain Your Visitors and Generate Leads

Fun quizzes, such as “What character you are” and “What suits you better” are proven tools for attracting visitors to your website, increasing the visibility of your brand, and generating leads. Make a personality quiz in your area of expertise to entertain and inform your clients and they will ask for more. Commonly, lead generation quizzes ask for customer information after the score result is displayed, but before you disclose useful customized recommendations. Have a look at the examples created by AidaForm to get inspired or simply copy the ready-to-use quizzes to your account to use them right away.

Make Personal Recommendations Based on the Quiz Results

The “Your body type” quiz is a classic example of a test that gives advice based on the quiz score. Fitness trainers and health coaches use the test successfully to provide personal recommendations and gain prospects. Why not apply this approach to your own field? Here is how you can start:

  1. Write down the list of questions that you usually ask your customer when helping them make choices.
  2. Write down typical answers that you get, and then group them so that they define a recognizable type of client.
  3. Assign a number of points for each of the typical answers.
  4. Create a list of recommendations for every defined customer type.
  5. Use the examples below as well as the detailed guides to create a custom quiz in your AidaForm account.

Screen Employees to Develop Personnel

Candidate and personnel screening tests are an excellent way to develop a personality profile to work with, to identify leaders and develop professional traits. Unlike fun quizzes, HR screening tests do not allow for arbitrary changes, as they must be scientifically valid and have benchmarks. AidaForm offers you dozens of HR personality tests provided by reliable sources. Simply add the personality quizzes to your AidaForm account, edit the form settings and start conducting screening tests right away.

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How to Make a Personality Quiz in AidaForm

Whatever personality quiz you’d like to create — a trivia quiz or what-suits-you-better test — AidaForm personality quiz creator lets you do it quickly and easily!


Choose one of the personality test examples by AidaForm

The best way to start is by choosing one or two quiz examples and adding them to your AidaForm account. Start by clicking the Use Template button for the personality quiz you like, and registering for a free AidaForm account (no credit card required). The template will automatically open in the Builder section of the AidaForm personality test maker and will be ready for further review. Do you like what you see? Upgrade your account to the Expert or Ultimate plan and start collecting leads right away!

Review the sample quiz and customize it

You can review every single setting the ready-made quiz has and use it as a base for your own personality test. Is the sample quiz really close to what you need? Then you can simply customize it by editing the text, images and score calculations.

Publish the online test and embed it on your website

Change your form publishing status to ON in the Publish section. Now your personality quiz is available online! You can copy the ready-to-use embed code and paste it onto your website. Or, simply copy the direct link and share it in emails, social media, etc.

The AidaForm team will be happy to help you create your personality quiz. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to get a two-week free trial to fully evaluate AidaForm’s functionality.