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With an online questionnaire, you can ask a variety of questions to gain insight into the way your customer thinks and feels - and use that data to make informed decisions for your company. By using AidaForm’s free web questionnaire creator, you can create a questionnaire online and store responses in an online system for analysis.

The AidaForm online questionnaire builder has ready-made templates available to quickly generate a great looking form for quick response gathering. If you want full control of the form, you can start from scratch using AidaForm’s user-friendly builder interface.

Check out some of AidaForm’s most popular pre-built questionnaires. Choose a template that suits your organization’s needs, and your survey will be ready to launch by adding a few customizations.

Common Online Questionnaires to Use for Your Business

Here’s the question: When it comes to gathering data from customers and clients, should you use a survey or a questionnaire? While surveys have many great uses, questionnaires are fantastic for asking pointed questions that require more than a simple slider or scale answer. Some common uses for online questionnaires are:

Providing questionnaires help your customer and team members feel that their input and opinions are valued. Once you’ve picked your direction, how do you start creating the perfect online questionnaire? Check out the dedicated articles at the AidaForm Blog – it’s full of great ideas and examples for you to put to use. AidaForm’s online questionnaire generator will help you build a mobile-ready questionnaire filled with any and all questions you want to include. The best part? There’s no coding required!

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4 Steps to Creating a Perfect Survey Questionnaire with AidaForm

Create a Mobile-Friendly Questionnaire Form
Step 1

Create a Mobile-Friendly Questionnaire Form

Wondering how to do an online questionnaire? AidaForm is an easy, full-service online form creator that allows you to create online questionnaires with customizable templates and responsive elements. Need help knowing where to begin with your questionnaire? Try one of the dozens of pre-built templates that can be customized to fit your needs. Or start from scratch with a blank canvas and fill your questionnaire with responsive elements such as text boxes, multiple-choice question fields, ratings, and more. The best online questionnaires are made of just that - questions! Include a variety of text boxes that will allow users to input as much or little information as they want to include. With AidaForm’s generator, you don’t need to code anything - let the powerful AidaForm builder do the heavy lifting for you.

Pick and Perfect the Questionnaire’s Design
Step 2

Pick and Perfect the Questionnaire’s Design

Once you’ve started the creation process of your questionnaire, it’s important to dedicate time to the design of the form itself. Nobody wants to fill out a boring questionnaire, so take advantage of AidaForm’s pre-built design templates and customizable color and branding options to make your online questionnaire stand out from the competition. How do you know what questions to include? How many should exist? Check out AidaForm’s 50+ ready-made templates and 15+ color palettes for easy design inspirations that will gather quality responses quickly.

Launch Your Questionnaire and Collect Responses
Step 3

Launch Your Questionnaire and Collect Responses

Your customers exist in many arenas - in person, in-store, and online. AidaForm’s online questionnaires can be launched and shared in as many different ways as you have customers. When you are ready for your questionnaire to go live, AidaForm can generate a shareable link that can be quickly published on social media channels and via email services such as MailChimp and BombBomb. Create a witty, motivating message to encourage your customers to fill out the questionnaire, and consider incentivizing their response with a giveaway.

With a powerful code generator, AidaForm can also generate code that can be placed in email HTML and website pages such as Wordpress . Share with confidence - no matter where responses come in, all your data will be saved in your AidaForm user account.

Analyze the Data and Update Your Questionnaire as Needed
Step 4

Analyze the Data and Update Your Questionnaire as Needed

Creating and launching your online questionnaire is only the first part of the process! As users begin to engage with your questionnaire and submit responses, it is important to analyze the responses and update the form accordingly. AidaForm’s form service provides several extras to help users track and analyze responses, such as:

  • Email notifications when users submit responses
  • Summary reports
  • Integration with other online services
  • Ability to export data to Excel or Google Sheets for future research and reference

By taking advantage of these services built into the AidaForm system, you can make the data work for you in new and powerful ways.

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Tips for Creating a Standout Questionnaire


Keep it Simple and Consistent

A guaranteed way to ensure that your questionnaire lies dormant and unused is by having too many confusing questions. When you sit down to write the queries that will make up your online questionnaire questions, be sure to keep your questions simple, pointed, and consistent.

Consider how you would ask the same question to someone in person. Would you ramble on about all the various aspects of your question and the reasons behind asking, or would you save time and simply ask their quick opinion? Keep in mind that real people with limited time are choosing whether or not to fill out your questionnaire based on their first impression.


Keep It Short and Sweet

Have you ever been approached on the street and asked to give your opinion - only to discover that the “short survey” is a long list of questions? In our busy day and age, nobody has the extra time to fill out a long and complex questionnaire - especially if there is no incentive to do so.

By keeping your online questionnaire short and simple, you will ensure that customers actually take the time to fill out your form with quality answers. As a rule of thumb, keep most online questionnaires to a five-minute maximum length. This is especially true if you intend on using the mobile-friendly features of AidaForm’s online questionnaire builder.


Keep It Strategic and Shareable

Creating a free online questionnaire with AidaForm allows you to quickly and easily share your questionnaire across a variety of today’s most popular online services. However, it’s no help to simply gather a ton of responses that are not related to your business or product. Make sure to develop a strategy for how you will launch and share your online questionnaire so that those who are supposed to fill it out actually see it - and their responses aren’t lost in the deluge of answers.

Take the time to research your business or organization’s demographics and audience to ensure that your form lives in the best locations across the internet. As your form begins to generate responses, analyze the data and see if your current strategy is successful, or if you need to switch things up a bit.


Keep It Satisfying and Rewarding

One of the most difficult aspects of any online form or questionnaire is convincing people to actually start the process and complete it! If you have followed the steps above, you already have a form that should be ready for responses. However, if you need to add a bit more push behind your respondents, consider including an incentive for completing the online questionnaire.

What makes a great incentive? Giftcards, giveaways, and discounts are great ways to ensure that responses flow in. Make sure to notify users upfront that their honest, full responses will make them eligible to win

  • and be sure to follow through on your promises. Consider including phrases such as “Complete to earn exclusive discounts…” or “Enter to win by filling out our questionnaire online!”