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Want to minimize the time HR specialists spend looking for prospective employees and optimize hiring? Make your new job application form online and publish it on your website! A cool-looking online form will make a great first impression and attract more high-quality candidates.

The free job application maker by AidaForm lets you create a job application form online in minutes and you won’t have to learn a single thing about HTML code. Build a standardized employment application form for your website to make sure it’s easy to compare applicants and choose the best candidates for your teams.

Want to create a job application online but don’t know where to start? Probably the easiest way is to choose one of our ready-made free job applications.

How to Make a Job Application Form in 4 Easy Steps


Compose Your Custom Form

Make your own employment application in minutes: AidaForm has every building block your job application form needs. Drag and drop form elements to create your form: collect the applicant’s name, address, phone number, or email. Let candidates fill in their training details and references into text boxes, add a file upload block for CVs and portfolios. Include a digital signature block if you want the submitted online applications signed. AidaForm autosaves your progress so you won’t lose anything if your browser accidentally shuts down or the internet connection breaks.

If you don’t want to start with a blank job application form, check our job application form templates. All the samples are free to use and easily customizable.

Compose Your Custom Form

Customize the Form Design

Your employment application form should represent your company’s style to make a good first impression on potential employees: include your logos and design the form to match your general guidelines.

Choose one of AidaForm’s color themes. They are smart and adjust to all content you add without any additional tweaking. Plus, you can set up the font and button style. Voilà! Your new employee application form fits your website’s design perfectly.

Customize the Form Design

Publish Your Work Application Form

Now that your form is ready, put it where your potential employees can find it! Add a dedicated web link to the ’Apply for a Job’ button on your website, where you publish the list of open positions. Or you can paste the direct link of your job application form in your company’s or agency’s social networks.

You can also embed your work application form on a website. Check our how-tos on this topic:

No matter where a candidate submits their application, you’ll get notified about each submission right away and will be able to review and compare applications in your member’s area.


Manage Applications and Compare Candidates

Once you’ve got your hands on prospective employees’ applications, it’s time to evaluate their abilities and experience. Manage and compare applications efficiently with AidaForm: export them individually or as comprehensive comparison charts for Excel. Try AidaForm today and find your dream team of employees in no time.
Manage Applications and Compare Candidates

Why Use a Standardized Employment Application Form

What is an employment application form? Essentially, it’s a form that potential employees fill out to apply for a job in a company. Many fields of an application for employment may correspond to what applicants write in their CVs. However, when you have one standard structure, it is much easier to quickly scan and compare applications.

Printed forms may have been neat 10 years ago. Nowadays it’s just lots of extra paperwork: exchanging PDFs via email, printing, scanning, storing physical signed copies. Here’s why you’ll be better off using an online job application form:

  • Get information people don’t usually put in their CVs
  • Make applying for your open positions easier
  • Standard online forms for job applications are much easier to scan than resumes without a consistent layout
  • It’s much easier to compare candidates when their data is similarly organized
  • A job application form on your website helps you reach more motivated candidates – they’re actively searching for a position on your website, after all

Use AidaForm to create and manage responsive web application forms for job offers. Leave form management to us and concentrate on what you do best – finding the right people for the job.

3 Tips: Create Job Application Forms That Are Appealing and Efficient


Know Who You Want to Hire

If you want to compose an application form that grabs the attention of your perfect candidates, you have to know the kind of people you’re looking for. Do you want to find a quick and decisive worker? Are you looking for someone meticulous and careful? Plan out the structure of your form based on that.


Choose a User-Friendly Design

Build the job application form for your website using your company’s design guidelines to create a smooth experience for applicants. Make sure your form looks perfect on mobile devices as well as desktop computers – over 50% of users browse the web through their phones. (source:


Include a Thank You Page

Let applicants know what happens after they submit the application. No need to follow up on every submission manually – compose a thank you page where you’ll let them know how long it takes for you to process their application for employment and when to expect a reply or an interview invitation.

AidaForm Online Job Application Maker

AidaForm offers a complete form creation and management service that lets you build any kind of online form, manage them securely in your member’s area, process payments and export response data.

Make not only free job application forms but also simple polls, satisfaction surveys, business order forms, and website contact forms that are mobile-ready and fun to fill out. You won’t need to write a single line of code yourself – just put together the right questions and wait for replies! Save time on form building and focus on your work instead.

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