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The legal side of the business is often difficult to navigate, so at least you can save some time with the technical setup of getting consent from your customers. Streamline your documentation process and learn how to create a consent form in 4 simple steps.

Choose a sample consent form to customize
To begin, choose from a selection of sample consent forms and customize them easily to suit your specific needs. Pay attention to the important fields and elements, including name, text and signature to ensure you get the necessary information.
Adjust the form’s design

Adjust the form’s design

Incorporate your logo, choose colors and select fonts that resonate with your site’s aesthetics. This step not only adds a professional touch but also ensures seamless integration with your existing online presence.
Publish your form online

Publish your form online

Once satisfied with the form’s structure and design, it’s time to publish it online. AidaForm offers two standard options: generate links or obtain a code to seamlessly embed the form into your website. This flexibility ensures a smooth user experience for your audience when accessing and submitting the consent form.
Get consent and print the documents if needed
You can receive responses directly via email or navigate to the Response Inbox for a centralized view. If the need for physical copies arises, AidaForm provides a convenient solution. Download the submitted forms as PDF files, which will enable you to either print them or save them for future reference. AidaForm’s comprehensive approach simplifies the entire process, making it an ideal tool for creating and managing online consent forms.

Fully-customizable design

AidaForm’s design options allow you to tailor every aspect to suit your unique needs and branding, including color palettes, fonts, icons and more.

Terms of Service checkbox

Collect explicit consent for terms and conditions by adding a checkbox to ensure that your processes align with the highest standards of data protection and privacy requirements.


Secure legally binding consent by capturing digital signatures, and download the signed forms as PDFs for easy documentation and reference.

Free embed code

Effortlessly integrate the form into your website, enabling clients to conveniently read, fill out and sign it in advance, streamlining the process before any procedure.

Useful Integrations

Seamlessly connect and transfer data to a wide array of third-party services through Zapier, expanding the functionality of our service and ensuring effortless integration with your preferred platforms.

Secure data storage

Ensure GDPR and DPA compliance by using AidaForm’s encrypted SSL connection and storage features, guaranteeing the protection of sensitive data throughout the process.

A consent form is a document designed to gather an individual’s agreement for specific actions or studies, serving as evidence that the person has been provided essential information, encompassing potential risks and outcomes, among other details.

When crafting a consent form, it’s crucial to prioritize clarity and transparency. Clearly outline the purpose of the form, the actions or studies involved, and the information participants need to know, including potential risks and outcomes. Use plain language to ensure easy comprehension, avoiding jargon or complex terms. Clearly state the voluntary nature of participation, and provide contact information for any questions or concerns. Consider the format to ensure that the document is well-organized with appropriate headings and formatting.

While circumstances often dictate the specific details to include in a consent form, the overall framework remains consistent. Essential components typically include:

  • the client/participant’s name and contact details;
  • a comprehensive activity description outlining both parties’ responsibilities;
  • the terms and conditions requiring consent;
  • a personal signature.

In certain cases, additional information such as emergency contacts, special medical conditions, or parent/guardian contacts for minors may also be integrated into the consent form for comprehensive documentation.

The integrity of an informed consent form lies in its signature, rendering it valid and binding. Ensuring the utmost security, platforms like AidaForm maintain a strict protocol wherein once the form is signed, the document and its signature remain unalterable. This unwavering commitment to data integrity provides assurance that the consent process is not only legally sound but also tamper-proof, instilling confidence in the reliability of the signed documentation.

Indeed, digital consent forms often carry legal validity, though this hinges on the specific legal parameters within your jurisdiction. At a minimum, these forms should feature a distinctive electronic signature linked to both the signer and the document, enabling the detection of any subsequent alterations.

In the United States, digital consent forms are typically deemed legally binding when equipped with an electronic signature. Nonetheless, legal nuances may vary, necessitating thorough research into local laws and, when in doubt, seeking advice from a legal expert is imperative.

Absolutely! With the AidaForm Consent Form Creator, you can easily do that. Our user-friendly platform empowers you to design customized electronic consent forms tailored to your specific needs, whether for medical, legal, or other purposes. No need to worry about hidden fees or subscription costs – AidaForm provides a straightforward and cost-effective solution for collecting up to 100 responses per month. If you anticipate more responses or need advanced features like e-signature integration, file uploading, or hiding the AidaForm logo in the footer — check out our flexible subscription plan .

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