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11 Essential Webforms to Boost Your Business

Customizable online forms are vital for your online presence. They help you expand the customer base, conduct market research, organize events, sell goods online, collect donations, gather valuable feedback, and much more. The types of online forms are numerous so we’ve listed the most common business forms that you can use to improve your workflows.

AidaForm lets you create any online form and customize it to your liking. If you need online forms for your business, just select the desired form type below and learn how to make it in minutes.

Contact Form

This is the first thing a visitor looks for when they want to communicate with you. Add this simple web form to your website to expand your customer base and partner network. Learn more about building contact forms that convert:

Contact Form Builder

Registration Form

Use registration forms to sign up customers for your services, courses, newsletters, sports competitions or charity events. Create engaging and easy web forms for registration and make your activities a success. Here’s how to do it with AidaForm:

Registration Form Builder

Feedback Form

Feedback is an invaluable source of information for any business: it lets you recognize where you can grow and improve your services and business processes. Create feedback business forms online with the AidaForm service!

Feedback Form Generator

Job Application Form

Streamline the hiring process with a dedicated online web form for job application. Attract more prospective employees, ask for important data no one puts on a resume, and easily compare candidates using AidaForm’s secure online forms for websites.

Online Job Application Maker

Survey Form

Surveys are great for market research, website usability testing, customer satisfaction measurement, product development, and many other business goals. Learn what types of surveys to launch and how to create survey questionnaires in AidaForm.

Online Survey Maker


Polls are short-form questionnaires you can launch to quickly learn about your audience’s opinion on any subject. Like their favorite soda brand or t-shirt color. Use polls for entertainment and collect bits of useful info about your visitors.

Online Poll Maker

Order Form

The easiest way to sell your goods or services online without investing in a full-scale online shop is to collect and process orders through a custom online form with payment options. AidaForm has a secure solution for online orders.

Order Form Builder

Online Test

Online tests are a handy tool widely used in online education, professional training sessions and even during recruiting interviews. Learn more about the multiple-choice test type and how to create effective vocabulary tests.

Test Creator

Online Quiz

Online Quiz is indispensable for any online project. Gain more leads online and improve your website’s SEO with personality, history, geography, vocabulary, you name it, online quizzes.

Online Quiz Maker


With an online questionnaire, you can ask a variety of questions to gain insight into the way your customer thinks and feels - and use that data to make informed decisions for your company.

Online Questionnaire Maker

Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys let you engage with your users at just the right moments, deliver an incredible experience tailored to their changing needs, and gather the data that helps your business improve.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Web Calculators

Create custom website calculators, price calculators and order forms with calculations to get more leads and orders. In the AidaForm no-code app, you can easily create a web form with calculations and embed the calculator in any website.

Form Builder with Calculations