Enneagram Types: Read Descriptions and Learn What Enneagram Numbers Imply

How to interpret Enneagram test results

Studies of the Enneagram - and psychological research in general confirms this - show that only about half of all people tested can be clearly assigned to one type. There are people whom the Enneagram typology fits and others who always end up in between the types. For example, they feel at home in type TWO, FOUR, or SIX, depending on what stage of life they’re in or who they are living with.

Another important aspect of Enneagram typology that is important to keep in mind when analyzing your Enneagram test results is that the test is not designed for you to learn what your type is once and for all, but to understand what your qualities and peculiarities are to better comprehend your core motivations and apply that knowledge to different areas of your life.

Enneagram Personality Types

Enneagram personality types may have different names and descriptions. Some authors do not even provide specific names for Enneagram types and simply refer to them as Type 1, Type 2, etc.

What is unanimous among all descriptions is the core motivation and traits of the characters described, their deep fears and how different enneagram personality types cope with them.

Enneagram Type Descriptions


Enneagram Type 1: Perfectionist - Moralist - Organizer

Enneagram type Ones typically like to follow the rules and try to meet their own high standards, whether it’s work, a hobby or in relationships. They take all possible precautions to avoid mistakes and get frustrated when the result does not meet their high expectations.

Attention to detail and a desire for flawless accomplishments make them appear to others as purposeful perfectionists. Ones are usually hard workers and serious and straightforward colleagues. Their inner fear of not meeting the highest moral standard often leads Ones to being rigidly disciplined and self-controlled, and sometimes too strict on themselves. They often demonstrate an incredible ability to concentrate and a natural propensity to be a good mentor.

Core Motivation: Ones strive to find the most correct ways to act and behave, to be good and worthy, and to live a life full of high goals and purpose.


Enneagram Type 2: Helper - Altruist - Special friend

Enneagram type Twos radiate kindness, are approachable, generous and caring towards the people around them. They are always ready to help and get involved in other people’s lives. Twos are driven by a desire to have real value in the eyes of others and to be loved.

Their fear of being alone and unloved often prevents them from saying no and sometimes make Twos too eager to become the center of someone else’s life, which makes them seem dramatic and possessive.
At the same time, they are often excellent team players, energetic volunteers and activists.

Core Motivation: Twos need to feel loved and appreciated and the best and most appropriate way for them to achieve this is to show love and demonstrate care toward others.


Enneagram Type 3: Achiever - Role model - Motivator

Enneagram Type Three displays an impressive range of achievements in different areas of life, which is usually the result of their desire to be significant and to stand out for their accomplishments.

They are extremely busy and always on the go with a hard work schedule. They appear driven, ambitious and confident to others. The Threes will carefully hide their possible lack of confidence and fear of failure from others and try to excel with double the energy.

Threes are typically image-conscious and charismatic. They scrupulously follow social niceties, and make a good first impression. Being very goal-oriented fits perfectly with their adaptability and does not prevent them from improvising.

Core Motivation: The third type strives for success in all areas of life in order to gain attention and admiration and to prove themselves.


Enneagram Type 4: Individualist - Romantic - Esthete

Enneagram type Fours are driven by the need to be special and are very focused on their individuality. Fours strive to be aesthetically attractive and extraordinary, and in some cases even appear eccentric, extravagant and exotic. They are very sensitive, expressive, and almost always artistically gifted.

The trap for Fours is the “slight melancholy” that hangs over their entire lives like a fog. Fours have a need to feel distressed and suffer from time to time, rather than be happy. Awareness of this character trait makes them even more focused on the necessity of identifying the exact niche where they can fully realize their individuality and earn the appreciation of others.

Core Motivation: Fours are motivated by their desire to be unique, to develop individuality and express how much they stand out.


Enneagram Type 5: Observer - Thinker - Expert

Enneagram type Fives tend to discover new, often provocative and innovative ideas. They are explorers interested in studying things in detail. They think extensively before they speak, and give insightful, well-formulated answers. Fives usually have very deep knowledge in the area of their interests. They are attentive to details and are good listeners.

At the same time, Fives are very self-sufficient and keep clear boundaries between their personal life and work, family and friends. They will try to minimize contact with the outside world, which they believe drains their energy and prevents them from focusing on important things. To others, they may seem secretive and isolated because they adhere to a minimalist lifestyle and their inner world is well protected from strangers.

Core Motivation: Fives are motivated by the need to know as much as possible and to have a deep understanding of issues, to be independent, and to not appear incompetent. This motivation makes their lives a constant process of learning and excellence.


Enneagram Type 6: Loyal - Realist - Skeptic

Enneagram type Sixes are characterized by their desire for security and the way they constantly prepare for problems they may encounter and must avoid. For Sixes, the world is full of danger and one must always be on guard. They seek reassurance and are always looking for a book or organization where they can get reliable answers.

Sixes are responsible workers and brilliant team players. In a relationship, their partner can rely on their loyalty. Their friendship is very warm and deep and they will do everything for the people they love. At the same time, Sixes can seem anxious and suspicious, especially if their connection to the group or community is not well established.

Core Motivation: Sixes are motivated by the need to feel safe and secure. Finding a group they can trust and that can support and reassure them is their main goal. They show tremendous loyalty to the community they identify with and that provides them with the desired sense of security.


Enneagram Type 7: Enthusiast - Adventurer - Epicurean

Enneagram type Sevens are people who radiate joy and optimism. They can experience childlike wonder and life is a gift to them.

Sevens are curious and spontaneous, have a wide range of interests and are always on the go, as they need to enjoy as many possibilities in life as they can. Sometimes they may seem scattered, trying to handle multiple ongoing projects.

Normally Sevens are relaxed and full of good humor. They are creative, cheerful and playful people with a disarming charm who, nevertheless, may one day realize that all their qualities also serve to protect them from fear and pain.

Core Motivation: Sevens are motivated by the need to be inspired and happy, and the need to avoid suffering and boredom.


Enneagram Type 8: Confrontationalist - Boss - Leader

Enneagram type Eights give the impression that they are self-confident, strong and powerful people, and can even evoke a sense of power in those around them. They have a “sixth sense” for justice and finding fault. They instinctively know when something is wrong whenever injustice or dishonesty occurs.

Eights are decisive, energetic and willful, sometimes even stubborn. Their confident look, passion, determination and stamina impress and make others follow their directives. Despite their confrontational character, Eights do not disregard being argumentative and often protect those they feel are weaker and need support.

Core Motivation: Eights are motivated by their desire to protect themselves, suppress any weakness in themselves, control their lives, and determine their future.


Enneagram Type 9: Peacemaker - Mediator - Healer

Enneagram type Nines are defined and motivated by the need to maintain inner balance and peace, to get along with others and to avoid conflict. Nines have many variations of their personalities, from gentle and soft to independent and strong.

Nines usually have a wide circle of acquaintances and appear reassuring to others, as well as receptive, complacent and calm. Though some Nines may be really stubborn, Nines are peacemakers. Nines demonstrate the gift of accepting others as they are and it makes people feel understood and accepted. Nines can be impartial arbiters because they can see and appreciate the positive aspects of both sides.

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