How to Embed a Form in a Website

Please note that the instruction below is for a website. If you use, read How to Add a Form to website . doesn’t allow users with Free, Blogger, Personal and Premium plans to embed 3d-party widgets that employ iframe or JavaScript. WordPress claims it’s made for security reasons. This approach makes it impossible for the WP users on those tariff plans to embed AidaForms into their website pages. But we have a solution! Read the whole article as we’ll get to that. Or just click here to see it straight away.

Nevertheless, users who have purchased Business or eCommerce Plans can add AidaForms to their websites by following the instructions below.

Use AidaForm for Free

How to Embed an AidaForm in Your Website (WP Business and eCommerce Plans only)

Create the desired form in your AidaForm account.
Make the created form publicly accessible by toggling the Publish button ON.
Log in to your WordPress account. Install and activate the iframe plugin.
In your WordPress account, navigate to a page where you’d like to embed your AidaForm.

Add Paragraph block to the page and enter the following shortcode:

[iframe src="<paste your AidaForm link here>"]
Copy the link to the created AidaForm by clicking the Copy URL button in the AidaForm Publish tab.

Insert the copied URL into the shortcode. The result will look something like:

[iframe src=""]

Make the Form Fit In (Optional)

To make the form fit the width of the page, convert the Paragraph block into Group. Use the Convert button that is available upon hovering over the Paragraph icon in the upper left corner of the block.

An Alternative Way to use AidaForm on Your Website (Works with All Tariff Plans, Including Free, Blogger, Personal, and Premium)

It’s an excellent way to overcome the restrictions laid by regarding iframe and JavaScript usage. It’s also the best practice approach if your form is too long and tricky.

Customize and copy the URL of the created AidaForm. Add the URL to the links and buttons on your website and enjoy the full potential of AidaForm service. The form will open in a new browser window, and it will be easy to observe, perceive, and complete it.