How to Add a Form to My Website

Whatever form you created in the AidaForm service - contact, email, booking, registration, or signup form - you can embed the form on your website pages.

To add a custom form to your website, you need to copy the html code which is generated by AidaForm service and to add it to the required web pages.

How to Embed an AidaForm on Your Website


Create a desired form

Creating contact, email, booking, registration, or signup forms with AidaForm is easy. Just drag and drop required fields in the AidaFrom Editor. No coding skills are required.


Publish the created form

To publish your form (e.g. to make your form visible for anybody) go to the Publish tab of your created form, and then toggle the Publish button ON.


Customize the size of the form

In the Publish tab, press the Configure button. Set the required width and height of the block on your website page where the created form will be placed.

Copy the html code by clicking the Copy button.
Add the html code on the pages of your website.

In order to learn how to correctly add html code to your web pages, please refer to the instructions of the CMS you use. Usually the process is simple, but there may be some small peculiarities specific to website engines.

Also check our instruction on how to add AidaForms on Wix-powered websites and how to get Wordpress Forms .

An Alternative Way to Use AidaForms on Your Website

You may not always need to embed your created form on your website. There is an alternative way to use AidaForms on your website. This way is easier and works perfectly for feedback forms and long complex forms which are quite difficult to arrange on existing web pages.

Simply copy the URL of the created form and add the URL to the buttons on your website.

In this case, your form will open in a new browser window and will look exactly as you see it in AidaForm service.