Cassudy Screening Tests to Identify, Manage and Develop Leaders

The test on the page was created by Cassudy, an AidaForm partner that specializes in the development and conducting of psychological tests to help businesses better manage and develop their personnel. Cassudy online tests are powered by the AidaForm platform, but feature proprietary form elements that distinguish Cassudy tests from other tests that can be created in the AidaForm service. Cassudy form elements are not available in standard AidaForm plans.

The Cassudy Screening Test serves to check how a C-level manager adapts to, treats and manages rules related to the company´s leadership guidelines, specifically discrimination aspects. The final report identifies whether the manager takes the core points to prevent age discrimination into account when they make decisions concerning their subordinates. The test has been developed for a large German logistics company and showed valuable output.

Sample Screening Test

Take the test to see what it looks like and which questions and form elements it has. If it looks like what your organization or business would like to use, enter your email at the final step of the test or drop us a line and the Cassudy team will gladly answer all your questions and send sample reports to you.

What is Cassudy

Cassudy is a suite of online tools for people diagnostics specifically designed for use in a professional business environment. These diagnostic instruments can be applied both to individuals and to groups of people (project or management teams) to determine the characteristics of these groups or individuals.

The tests are developed and approved by the Cassudy team: Dr. Werner Sohn, Prof. Dr. Matthias Sohn, Master in Psychology, PhD in Economics.

All online Cassudy tests are powered by the AidaForm platform.

Cassudy-specific flashcards vs. standard survey fields

Cassudy tests employ both standard survey and test fields provided by AidaForm, and proprietary Cassudy-specific flashcards. With Cassudy flashcards, you monitor “behavior at work” rather than evaluate self-declarative statements provided by respondents, which increases the validity, objectivity and meaningfulness of the results!

How can I get a Cassudy-specific report?

Use this form to contact the Cassudy team, and they will gladly send sample reports to you and answer all questions you may have.

What else can Cassudy offer?

A great range and variety of psychological tests to help businesses better manage and develop their personnel!

  • Screening job applicants and people identified as talent;
  • Checking behavior in difficult or conflicting decision scenarios;
  • Checking “fit for job“ status of employees;
  • Preparing employees for change programs (by checking risk propensity, openness, etc.);
  • Checking management or project teams to understand driving forces and intrinsic value distribution of their members;
  • Training employees (providing an assessment at the beginning and end of training cycles).

Are you interested in learning more about the Cassudy screening methodology and getting more screening tests? Drop us a line and the Cassudy team will contact you right away to discuss your company’s requirements and ideas.

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