Free NPS Calculator to Calculate Your Net Promoter Score Online

December 30, 2020
3 min read
Albina Zakharenko
Albina Zakharenko 18 years of experience in online marketing

NPS, or Net Promoter Score, helps you measure your customer or employee loyalty and understand how likely it is that they will recommend your company or product to other people.

On our blog, you can find detailed articles about what NPS means , why NPS scale must include exactly 11 points and how NPS is calculated. We also tell you what problems you might face when you try to calculate Net Promoter Score using a 5 point scale.

In our template section, you can also find a ready-made NPS survey template that you can use to collect your customers’ and employees’ feedback.

This NPS Calculator allows you to enter the data collected during your NPS survey and calculate your Net Promoter Score for further assessment.

Online NPS Calculator

Please enter the total number of Promoters (people who rated you 9 or 10), Detractors (people who rated you 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6) and Passives (people who rated you 7 or 8) and press the Calculate NPS button. Are you interested in how NPS is calculated? Read more about the NPS formula .

Are you looking for a Net Promoter Score calculator widget that you can add to your website free of charge? Here it is: click Copy Embed Code and then embed the saved code to your website.

How AidaForm can help you conduct your NPS survey

With the help of AidaForm, you can create an online form to conduct your NPS survey. We recommend that you add our ready-made NPS survey example to your Expert AidaForm account, customize and personalize your form and start collecting NPS data right away.

The AidaForm NPS survey has a standard 11-point scale and asks additional open-end questions to collect valuable qualitative feedback.

What is more, you can turn your Promoters into your advocates! After your NPS survey is completed, redirect your Promoters to the customized Thank You page and ask them to leave their honest reviews on the resources that will help to spread the word about your company. It’s that easy!

Calculating your NPS score is just the first step in establishing closer relationships with your customers and finding ways to improve your company’s services and business processes. With the help of AidaForm, you can also conduct deeper customer satisfaction and customer development surveys to find new product niches and extend your services.

NPS Interpretation

Net Promoter score is a metric that must be monitored continually as this is the only way to measure improvements. Always compare your next calculated NPS with the previous one. Would you like to know the average NPS in your industry? The NPS of most companies fall between 31 and 50, but the scores vary greatly by industry. Check the NPS benchmarks by industry in our blog post.