From Customer Experience Survey to Online Marketing Strategies: Tips & Templates

Albina Zakharenko

18 years of experience in online marketing

Customer satisfaction co-rules your business! Whether your business is locally owned or operates worldwide, regular customer surveys are essential. They help to not only drastically improve your products or services, but also to provide you with valuable information for your online marketing activities.

What’s more is that asking the right questions can help you to figure out which additional new products and services your existing customers would be willing to buy!

Conduct a customer experience survey today and benefit from the information you get immediately!

Consider Customer Satisfaction Surveys as Part of Your Online Marketing Activities


Ask your existing clients how your product or service has helped them

Choose among the most interesting answers and create customer use cases and success stories, publish them on your website, and do content marketing - distribute them via Email and on your social media as well as through guest posts.


Ask your existing clients what they like about your product or service

  • Advertise it! Highlight the features while creating ad copy or writing and search engine optimizing your website content.
  • Ask your happy customers to write short reviews on review platforms and arrange an “Our Happy Clients” sections on your website.

Ask your existing clients what they don’t like about your product or services

Accept the criticism and make improvements! Keep in touch with your critical customers - even if you could not keep them, in the future they will be more willing to give strong reviews to your business if you meet their concerns and resolve them.


Ask your existing clients what their major problem is right now and how they’ve tried to resolve it

This is where customer survey intersects with customer development. By analyzing the answers and conducting additional research and interviews, you get an excellent opportunity to develop and offer a solution for your customers’ essential problems and thus enlarge the scope of your services.

Do customer development in the right way: Ask ONLY about your customers’ previous experience. Avoid asking your existing customers if they would ever like to use some hypothetical product or service. Ask them about their pain points, instead, and try to figure out if the product or service you plan to launch will deal with those. If not, there is no grounds to think they would ever buy it.

The AidaForm team has developed a free customer experience survey template which you may customize and use for your business or project.

Customer Experience Survey Template

How to start using the form in 20 minutes for free:

  1. Click the Customer Experience Survey Template button
  2. Register an account with AidaForm, then confirm it.
  3. Login to your AidaForm account. The Customer Development Form will automatically open on your account page.
  4. Customize your logo, texts, and questions. Add or delete fields. Enjoy the process and ease-of-use!
  5. Move to the Publish tab. Toggle Published ON.
  6. Copy the form link.
  7. Ask your customers for their feedback and get responses!

Ask Your Customers for their Feedback

Create and send emails to your existing customers asking for feedback. Include a link to the Customer Experience Survey Form in the email. Write posts in your social media groups asking your customers to help you improve and provide the link to the form in the posts. Don’t forget to offer, if possible, small gifts or discounts to those clients who take their time to answer your questions. From our experience, this increases the number of responses up to 10 times!

You will find all the collected responses in your AidaForm account, or they may be sent to your specified email.

Still have questions? Need help with the form customization? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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