Who is on the AidaForm Team

AidaForm is a team of friends and marketers who have been in your shoes for a long time before starting this project together. We created web pages, and online forms, optimized them to get more responses, got feedback from our clients and then built more pages, forms and surveys to meet their expectations.

We know how exciting it is to make customers happy and how technical difficulties eat up your time and get in the way of your business. That’s why we want to make online form building easier for you.

Our Mission

We created the AidaForm service to give every person and company an easy way to do business online without bothering about the technicalities of online form building. We want to help you create forms and surveys that look modern, comply with the latest laws and regulations, and attract more customers!

We strongly believe that online forms can replace paper forms altogether in the near future and help save forests so we can live in a greener and healthier world.

Stay safe and use online forms ;)

Company information:

Komorebi GmbH

Managing Director: Albina Zakharenko

VAT Number: DE364714270

Registration address:

Im Uckerfeld 14, Bonn, 53127, Germany

Registered in the Commercial Register B of the Local Court in Bonn (Handelsregister B des Amtsgericht Bonn), Registration number HRB 28210

Contact Email: contact@aidaform.com

Pricing, billing, and general questions: sales@aidaform.com

Technical issues and questions: support@aidaform.com