AidaForm Online Form Creator: Build and Share Forms, Collect Responses

Make conversational website forms in the AidaForm online form builder. It’s a complete service where you can create forms, share them, gather responses, and evaluate them in your member’s area.

The AidaForm service generates the form code, collects form submissions, and keeps all data safe in your account, where you can view it any time you like. Add the online form to your website and start learning more about your visitors to reach your business goals faster.

Make Online Forms in 3 Steps in the AidaForm Online Form Builder.

Instead of learning how to create HTML forms from scratch, sign up for the AidaForm form builder and focus on the questions you want to ask. Build online forms that get responses – with the AidaForm online form creator.

Step 1

Create a Form

In the online form maker, you can start with a blank form or select a template. Combine blocks into contact forms, registration forms, job application forms, customer satisfaction surveys, and so much more. Add standard fields like Name, Email, Phone, Date, Text Area, or File Upload, create multiple choice questions, and drop-down lists by simply dragging and dropping these blocks into your form. Choose a built-in design theme and customize the colors – and that’s it! Your form is ready.

Create a Form Create a Form Create a Form

Step 2

Share Your Form

Now let everyone access your form: add the link to the form page to a button on your website. You can also share a direct link to your form on social networks. Whichever sharing method you choose, there is no need to set up any extra server integrations – everything will be processed through the AidaForm easy form creator.

Share Your Form Share Your Form

Step 3

Gather Responses

Don’t check your dashboard to see new responses – get notified when submissions happen. Just sit back and get to know your customers one person at a time. Export results as Excel documents or Google Sheets to analyze at your leisure. Evaluate the data in informative visualizations through AidaForm’s web interface and plan your business ahead.

Gather Responses Gather Responses

To Make Your Workflow Easier

With the AidaForm online form service, you can focus on your business and automate the rest – it’s pretty simple: this form builder streamlines form creation.

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Makes sure real people submit responses and you get no spam in your notifications.

File Upload icon

File Upload

For when you need a PDF order confirmation or a bug screenshot attached for the tech support.

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Add an extra visual punch to your online forms and style them to fit the design of your website.

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